Top Reasons Your Furnace Smells Funny When Running in Manhattan, NYC; Like Rotten Eggs or Burning Plastic, Dust or Rubber

The season is in full swing where the heater, furnace or boiler in your home is running all day and night. That is the best way to keep your house at a temperature that is comfortable for the entire family. You need to run the unit throughout the winter to keep the frigid temps out of your home. Most people that have a furnace should have had some maintenance done to it before turning it on. If you skipped this step in the care of your HVAC system and furnace, than you could be suffering from foul odors from the unit itself. The odors that can be coming from it can be obnoxious and a major annoyance this holiday season. You really need to understand the smells and what they mean.

NY NJ A/C Connection Lists Smells That Could Be Coming From Your Furnace & What They Mean

Furnace Smell Like Rotten Eggs: If you turn on your furnace and you start to smell rotten eggs you have an emergency. The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur is added to the gas that is used in homes as an alert to the homeowner. The smell of gas is actually non-existent and could be lethal if you stay in the area where there is gas leaking. The smell of rotten eggs tell you that you have a gas leak and you need to take action right away. Start by shutting off the heating unit and any other gas appliances in your home. You should then quickly go and open any doors and windows that you can to allow the fresh air to push out the gas. Then call an HVAC professional right away to alert them to the gas leak on your furnace.
Furnace Smell Musty: One of the biggest complaints is that when a person turns on the heater they start to smell a musty or moldy smell. The heater itself does not actually cause condensation but it shares duct work with the AC unit. If the AC unit has caused too much humidity and condensation to build up it can leave traces of mold in the duct work. When the heater runs it can send the smell floating through your home. You need to have the duct work cleaned to get rid of the smell.
Furnace Smells Like It Is Burning: The very first time you turn on your furnace or heater in the winter you might have a smell of burning. That is due to the dust that could be on the coils. If you have been running it for some time you could be dealing with a bigger issue. That can be from the electrical wires or the unit may be overheating. Be sure to contact a professional right away.

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If you have a furnace that is giving off an unusual smell be sure to call a professional right away. You want to have it repaired as soon as possible to keep the unit from going out all the way.

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