Winter Months Mean Bad Indoor Air Quality in Manhattan, NY; How to Maximize Heating & Minimize Indoor Air Pollution

The winter is a time of year that most people enjoy the change in weather and the holidays. Now that the holidays are over and you are back into a daily routine you may notice all the dust in your house. The winter is known for snow and cold but that should not be in your home. When the sun rays start to come through the windows stop and look closely. You may notice that it looks like a drift of dust is filling the space. No need to panic because you are not alone. Join the rest of the United States and welcome to the air quality that exists in the winter time. You would think that the air quality in your home might be better without the constant running of the AC system or the windows ajar but that is the opposite. The air quality is worse when these things are not happening. If you are concerned with the air quality in your house this winter there are some things that you can do.

NY NJ A/C Connection Lists Ways You Can Improve the Quality Of Air in Your Home this Winter

Change The Filters For The Furnace: When you leave the same filter in for more than the specified amount of time you are actually allowing small dust particles to be released into the air. Filters are made to collect dust and debris and once they hit their max amount, they will stop collecting and do their best to stop the rest. The problem is that each time air is ran through the dirty filter it can be jostling it enough to release the particles. Once they are off the filter they are going to go straight into the air and back in your home. Remember to replace the filters as often as the manufacturer suggests.
Run The Vacuum Regularly: The air in your home becomes stagnant over the winter months and will continue to circulate the same stale air. That means that all the particles that are in the air will also continue to float around. If you want to limit the amount of dust and particles you need to clean the largest surface which happens to be the carpet. You can use a good filtered vacuum to remove a lot of the debris. This is a great way to help the air quality and extend the life of the filter.
Add A Humidifier: Another problem with the air in the winter inside your home is that it tends to be low in moisture. The moisture actually helps to keep the dust down and less of it is free to float around the house. Having a good level of humidity will help with the quality of air in your home as well as the health of the people too.

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