What to Do When Your HVAC Unit is Damaged By a Rain or Snow Storm & Flood in Your Manhattan, NYC House

During bad weather such as wind, blizzards, hail and rainstorms; damages can happen to your HVAC Unit. Should this take place, there should be certain actions one should take immediately. Taking the proper steps can help you save money and spare you the ordeal of going without an HVAC unit. NY NJ AC Connection will walk you through these steps and help you be ready in the event a harsh storm comes your way.

Will Rain, Hail & Snow Damage HVAC Units?

Depending on the unit you have and how bad the storm damaged your unit, there might just be some quick and easy fixes. Some of these easy fixes might be replacing circuit boards or even as easy as cleaning coils. If the rain lightly flooded the HVAC unit rather than completely submerging it or it brought in a lot of debris, damages should be minimal. However if there was a lot of damage, and depending if it was a ground or a roof unit and what got inside the unit during the storm, you may need full or part replacements and repairs. We strongly suggest you hire a repairman in this case. Water from the storm can cause severe damage. It may have damaged the unit’s wiring. This can cause some unexpected dangers. When an HVAC repair technician inspects your unit, make sure to get a full quote on all of the repairs. You may find it’s better to fully replace a unit than to repair it. Especially if you have an old inefficient model. However calling a repair technician after damage is done isn’t the most ideal approach. Prevention of storm damage should be the ultimate goal.

Protect Your HVAC Unit from Storm Damage

Before a major storm hits, it’s a good idea to clean out the debris such as leaves, broken branches and other objects that would damage your HVAC unit. As a major storm system approaches, you can cover each of your units to protect them from damage that may occur. Anchoring the unit with sand bags will also help prevent large object from hitting and damaging it. You will also want to prepare for a power outage. Unplug your unit before a storm arrives, lighting and wind storms spell bad news for your HVAC unit. If a unit is left on, it can draw lighting to hit the unit and be dangerous for those inside the house. Do not try to unplug a unit if the storm has already hit and water begins to rise. If power lines are submerged, avoid unplugging for it is now too dangerous to turn off the unit from inside the home and hope for the best.

HVAC Inspection, Troubleshooting, Emergency Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Manhattan, New York

Preparing for a storm is more important than dealing with the aftermath. After the storm has passed, always do an inspection of your unit before turning it back on. Allow it to fully dry and clear away any debris first. Turn your unit back on and see if it runs. If not you may want to call an HVAC repair technician to come out and do an inspection and repair what is need. NY NJ Connection provides repair and inspection services if you have endured a major storm and your HVAC unit may have been damaged. Give us a call and we will come out and service you unit.

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