Programmable Thermostats in Manhattan New York

It’s not a secret that heating and cooling your home accounts for the largest portion of your home’s energy usage. With temperatures soaring and little to no relief in sight you are probably concerned about your rising energy costs. One way to cut down on the cost of your power bill is to regulate the temperature of your house during different times of the day. By allowing the temperature in your home to run a little higher during the day while you are at work, you not only save on energy you also save your money. According to some experts, adjusting your thermostat for approximately eight hours a day by ten degrees can save you as much as 10% on your power bill. If you consider that the average annual energy bill runs between $1500 and $2000.00 per year, that’s an annual saving of between $150.00 and $200.00.

Sounds simple enough! But how do you adjust the temperature when you are away from your home? The experts at NY NJ A/C Connection recommend energy efficient programmable thermostats. There are basically two types of thermostats available, the 7 day model which offers flexibility by allowing you to adjust the temperature in your home on a daily basis and a wireless enabled model that allows you to adjust the temperature in your home remotely via your smartphone, tablet or computer. The 7 day model is also available in a 5+2 model, perfect if you have a consistent schedule Monday through Friday and another for the weekend or the 5-1-1 model for one schedule Monday through Friday and another schedule Saturday and Sunday. If you are unsure of which model would be best for your home, the customer service experts at NY NJ A/C Connection can advise you on the best model available to fit your family’s individual needs.

Programmable thermostats are simple to use and the technicians at NY NJ A/C Connection recommend the following features to maximize efficiency. Intuitive programming – Your thermostat won’t work effectively if you don’t know how to use it. Look for a backlit screen with clear and easy to read onscreen prompts. Some models include an on-screen warning feature to alert you if your energy use is too high. To obtain the most benefit from your thermostat choose a model that allows for temperature setbacks so you can adjust the temperature to waking and sleeping times easily and efficiently. Location is key to your thermostats performance and each model is different. Typically the thermostat should be placed away from direct sunlight or drafts on an interior wall away from large furniture to allow for natural air currents. It’s also important to place the thermostat away from appliances and lamps that generate heat. Your NY NJ A/C Connection technician will ensure that your new thermostat is installed professionally according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure optimal performance within your home.

Other considerations are the optimum temperature setting for your home. Since each family member’s comfort level is different, NY NJ A/C Connection recommends maintaining a thermostat setting of 78 degrees when you are at home. A setting of 78 degrees is the perfect temperature from both a comfort and energy saving perspective. Programmable thermostats allow for your home temperature to be higher when you are away and will automatically adjust to you pre-set specifications before you return. Contact NY NJ A/C Connection today and speak with a customer service representative about thermostats or any of your other cooling and heating needs. Every member of our highly trained, skilled and professional team is dedicated to ensuring that each and every customer interaction is a positive one.

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