HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement

One of the most expensive appliances that can go out in a home is the air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit is used year round to either heat or cool the home and if it goes out it can affect every room in the house. The problem is that if something goes wrong it is usually in the peak times of use like in the middle of the summer or the dead of the winter. Whether you have an existing unit or you have a unit recently installed you may want to consider an HVAC Service agreement with a reputable company like NY NJ AC Connections. Here are the benefits of having an agreement with us.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans

The major benefit of having a service agreement is that you know that if there is a problem it will be fixed under the agreement. This usually means that a client that is established can gain priority over a new client that may be calling in for the first time. This means that your repairs will be done quickly and efficiently.

HVAC Service Contracts

An agreement is usually given to a homeowner when the unit is installed or when a repair is done. The HVAC Company can offer an agreement and should be able to offer a specialized agreement that works for you. The agreement should specify the amount of times per year the technician will come out to check on the unit and do an inspection. When the inspection is done the technician can take down any information about areas that may need to be repaired. These repairs are usually covered under the agreement and can be fixed before they turn into a larger problem.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is another great benefit of having an service agreement. People who have an agreement with an HVAC Company are less likely to have a problem that causes the unit to stop working. This is because as the unit is being inspected and maintained on a regular basis small areas of concern are being taken care of. Having a service agreement with NY NJ AC Connection can keep your unit working in top shape and can save you from a major repair that creeps up on you. Contact us today for more information.

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