Hot & Cold Symptoms in Different Rooms of your Manhattan New York Home?

When you are adjusting your thermostat, most people are trying to keep the house a comfortable degree so that everyone in the home feels comfortable. What is going on when you are freezing in one room but someone else is hot in another! This can be frustrating and can leave you adjusting the thermostat more often then you want to. You might start to think its you and it might be, but it could be a problem with your air conditioning unit too.

NY NJ A/C Connection has prepared a list of some of the things that can go wrong that could be causing these hot and cold spots in your home:

Vent: In each room is a vent that directs that air from the unit to the room. This vent can be anywhere in the room but normally is found close to the center. These vents are almost always built with an adjustable damper that allows that homeowner to open the vent more or less depending on what is best for you. If you have a hot spot you may want to check that the vent is open and someone didn’t accidently move it to the closed position. This is an easy fix and it may solve the problem but if it does not you can check a few other areas.

Duct: The duct is a series of tubes that run through the house in the attic space and moves the air from the unit to each room. These pathways are a major part of keeping the air moving around. If you have a problem in the duct space it can be causing the air to miss the room. There can be a leak that is releasing the air before it hits the room and in turn causing the room to feel hotter. These can be checked and fixed by a professional HVAC repairman.

Equipment: If these two more minor issues have been checked and found to not be the issue if can become a bigger problem. You can have the actual unit looked at to see if it is not working as good as it should. It could be stalling out and when it should be running it might not be. This can make the rooms not feel the temperature that you intended.

Thermostat: The last area that could be of concern is the thermostat that is handling the degree that the home is set. If the thermostat is malfunctioning you can have a new one installed and see about that fixing the issue.

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If you are having trouble with hot or cold spots in your home call NY NJ A/C Connections for help at looking at all areas that could be a problem.

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