Mold, Bacteria, Allergens & Contaminants Found in Furnaces in Harlem, Manhattan, NY

We have all become accustomed to the way of life that has ways to make us comfortable and life easy. This can be an appliance that washes the dishes for us, cars that park themselves and televisions with more channels then we can ever watch. People love to be comfortable and that is why your home has a heating and cooling system. The weather outside is not at a temperature that is enjoyable the majority of the year. In the hot summer months the air is so warm that you can overheat. The cold winter has the ability to freeze the pipes to your house which in no way is comfortable to live in. That is why your home has a cooling system and of course a heating system such as a furnace. The HVAC systems that you have in your home are necessary to have your house at a temperature that is set by you. They come on to keep the house a place that you can come in and escape the cold or hot temperatures outside. The furnace is an appliance that you need to treat well to keep it safely working. If you stop caring for the furnace it will stop working efficiently and can have built up and eventually break down.

NY NJ AC Connection Outlines What Build Up You Should Be Concerned About When Using Your Furnace

Mold, Bacteria & Microbiological Growth in Furnaces: If you think about the way a heating system such as a furnace works, the mold and other microbiological growth will make sense. The furnace is there to heat up your home from the cold outside. It does not constantly run because as soon as the room gets to the desired temperature the unit will turn off. This constant change from cold to hot in the unit will cause what is referred to as condensation. The condensation is moisture that will build up. The water has to have an outlet and that is why there is a line. The line can become filled or blocked leaving the water to stay where it is. When you have water that is being heated it can start to be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and mold. The growth of the bacteria can then be in your home and eventually can start to get in the air. When you have mold and other bacteria in the air it can star to make you and your family sick. That is why it is of utmost importance to have your furnace cleaned and maintained.
Debris & Allergens in Furnace: The other aspect of the furnace is that it is circulating the air and that means that anything in the air will make it way to the furnace. The filter should be catching the debris but it is not fail safe. The pet hair and dander as well as skin cells and other debris is found in the air. This can all make its way to the furnace and start to cause some build up.

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