Furnace Central Heating System Maintenance in Lower Manhattan, NY; Cleaning, Inspections & More

When it comes to keeping your home operating at its full potential, in optimal condition, and for as long, if not longer, than its expected lifespan, routine maintenance is essential along with professional care. As we get deeper into the colder months, you will want your central heating to avoid the need for repair and function at peak performance. It is always well worth your time and energy to manage your heating system to ensure it meets your preferred expectations. With that in mind, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to take the opportunity to offer some suggestions to keep your central heating up to par in conjunction with professional services.

Preventive Maintenance for Furnace Central Heating Systems

1) DIY Furnace Maintenance. The furnace is the heart of the central heating and where most of the maintenance comes from a professional, there are some things you can do in between services.
– The air registers around your home need to be dusted well; vacuum them thoroughly.
– Make certain all the clutter is cleared from the vents.
– The furnace’s filter should be cleaned from all dirt and debris; additionally, check the blower and if any dust is present, clean it off.
– Inspect the flame shield for corrosion after removing it. With the fan both running and switched off to confirm proper operation, check the flame.
– Assess the flue and look for gaps or dents (if anything is amiss, request professional repairs) and ensure there is proper ventilation to the outdoors.
– The blower motor needs to be lubricated; refer to your manual for instructions, or contact a professional.
– The furnace’s pilot light should be burning; in some models it is designed to be relit, however, it best to refer to your manual if flame is distinguished. Contact your professional if you are unsure.
2) Furnace Cleaning. Keeping a cleaned system will help it run smoothly. A professional is better suited for the comprehensive cleaning to ensure the detailed of intricate parts is cleaned properly. However, you can ensure the furnace’s exterior is occasionally wiped down, the area around it is tidy, and the filter and thermostat are kept clean as well.
2) Furnace Filters. The filters need to be routinely replaced. The average filter can go about 3 months when there are no smokers or pets inside and there are only a few occupants. A family home with pets and especially smokers and those that suffer from allergies and asthma will do better if the filters are at least checked once a month, and when they are at their full capacity, they should be changed or cleaned according to the type of filter you have. Your central heating will run more efficiently and the indoor air quality will be better maintained.
3) Ductwork Inspection. If you are so inclined, it is wise to check the ducts from in between professional evaluations. Check for loose connections, gaps, cracks, holes, or kinks. If there is an issue, and increase in energy cost and a decrease in heating productivity is a result. If you suspect a problem contact a professional.

Furnace & Boiler Repairs & More in Manhattan, New York

It is recommended that your central heating receive maintenance, tune-ups, and inspection services annually. A tune-up is optimal before the start of the season, maintenance following the end of the season and an inspection in between by your professional. If your central heating system is due, or you are experiencing problems and need repairs, call in the experts of NY NJ A/C Connection today and let our experts help you!

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