How to Repair HVAC Air Ducts & Ductwork in Manhattan, NYC; Inspection, Sealing & More

The HVAC system is the heart of the home. It pumps cool or warm air and keeps the inside of your home comfortable all year long. If the HVAC system is the heart, then the duct work is the veins that circulate the conditioned air throughout the body of your home. It is known that you should maintain your air ducts as much as you do your air conditioner or furnace to maintain efficiency. NY NJ AC Connection will share some DIY tips on how to repair and maintain your home’s air ducts system to make sure your home’s circulatory system remains efficient.

HVAC Air Duct Inspection for Leaks

Your first step is to inspect your air ducts for leaks. You will want to take small sections at a time. Most common places for leaks are at the joints as they often become separated one from another. This especially occurs in older homes where they used duct tape to hold joints together. They do occasionally wear down and need to be re-taped. After checking the seams, look for holes where you usually can both hear and feel the air coming out.

HVAC Duct Sealing; Duct or Mastic Tape

If your home used duct tape to hold the seams together, you may want to consider using duct mastic instead. Mastic is much stronger than tape and holds up better against the higher temperatures. It is also easier to install if you’re working alone to repair your air ducts. However, if the space at the seams is over one-quarter of an inch, make sure to use web-taping first or the mastic won’t hold together correctly. If you prefer to use tape over mastic, avoid using cloth-backed tape or rubber adhesive duct tape. These types of tape don’t fare well against the heat and loses the adhesive quickly. If you want to use tape, it is recommended to use a heat-approved foil tape, butyl tape, or a mastic tape. Look for a brand of tape with a (UL) on it which stands for Underwriters Laboratories.


If your home has a basement level and there is air ducts leading into the basement, make sure the basement wall and air duct system is insulated. However, it is recommended for those who have duct work leading into the basement level, that you have a professional insulate it. They know proper codes and how to insulate the basement duct work correctly. If you decide to insulate your duct work in your basement yourself, make sure the exhausts of the air ducts on the outside is well sealed with a vapor barrier. This should prevent condensation from building up inside the air ducts.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Natural Gas

If your furnace uses gas or your home has a gas stove, oven, or other appliances, make sure you install a carbon monoxide monitor. The monitor will alert you if there is a gas leak and harmful levels of carbon monoxides are present inside your home.

Furnace & Boiler Heating Services & More in Manhattan, New York

Minor repairs can be easily done by the homeowner. However, for any major repair or remodeling of your air duct system you should acquire the aid of a professional HVAC technician. If you need help maintaining your home’s HVAC systems, contact NY NJ AC Connection today!

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