Is a Noisy Air Conditioner Dangerous in Lower Manhattan, NY? What Does a Bad AC Compressor Sound Like?

When it starts up or when it shuts off is never a normal symptom should you hear strange noises coming for the air conditioner. The air conditioning system is protesting that there is an issue that needs to be addressed when you hear these sounds. The problem can escalate into something more costly as a domino effect takes place inside the AC’s mechanical structure when these unusual noises are ignored. All of the moving parts work together to effectively do its job in order for the air conditioner to produce comfortable temperatures inside your home. Extra strain on the surviving parts wears down all the more when component wears and the others try to compensate. With this in mind, we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to elaborate on air conditioners that are making strange sounds.

What Does a Bad AC Compressor Sound Like?

1) Dampers. Bizarre sounds can be produced by the dampers. There are some air conditioning systems that have dampers in order to change the amount of airflow reaching different parts of your home. Creating the slamming sounds that might be heard, the damper closing after the AC shuts off.
2) Ducts. Due to the constant temperature and pressure changes in sheet metal air duct systems, it is common to hear loud creaking noises as the air ducts expand and contract. There is a possibility that the air ducts may have a leak or are disconnected where these sounds can be normal. It could be due to poor ductwork if you notice the cool air is not coming through the vents efficiently.
3) Air Handler or Fan. Causing the blower wheel to bang against another part of the unit, the air handler or fan can be the culprit. In some cases, the fan’s mounts can get loose and throw it off balance as it slows down, causing it to hit its enclosure, producing the unusual clanking sounds.
4) Compressor Motor. The compressor motor is a likely suspect when the air conditioner flips on and the noises are usually only heard then. It increases the likelihood it is the in the compressor motor, if there is a noticeable decline in the cooling output as well.

Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

When sounds are produced from the air conditioner shutting off or powering on, the above are just a few the common occurrences. You need to call a professional from NY NJ AC Connection for an assessment when the sounds are first noticed, ultimately. To ensure the noises cease and the cooling system is operating efficiently to its full potential, a certified technician can find the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs. In order to keep your home comfortable, contact NY NJ A/C Connection today and let our experts get your air system running efficiently.

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