How Can I Make My Air Conditioner Run Better in Manhattan, NY? Adjust Thermostat, AC Tune Up & More

Especially during the peak months when the family depends on it to keep it cool, New York families depend on a working air conditioner. The unit should handle controlling the hot temperatures with the properly sized equipment and with the A/C system well maintained and cared for. There are some things you can do that will sustain the longevity the system and efficiency to help reduce the strain the system, maintain energy use, and minimize the need for repairs, however. To reduce the strain your air conditioning system, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to offer some advice.

Adjust Thermostat to an Efficient Temperature

When everyone is asleep and during blocks of time when the house is empty, tailor the thermostat accordingly. Turn the temperature up 5-8 degrees so it isn’t running as cool since there is no need to keep the air conditioner running when everyone is out, or at the very least. Make certain to program your thermostat accordingly to take out remembering to do it if you have a routine time when no one is home. This will not only put less strain on the system, but it will also help you save cash on energy costs. Just before you get home to assure comfortable temperatures when you walk in, you can program the thermostat to drop the temperature back down. You do not need the thermostat to run as cool either as you sleep.

Maintain, Clean or Change Your Air Filters

There is a strain the air conditioning system when air flow is prevented due to clogged filters. Checking on them once a month and replacing them as needed can prevent the overloaded filter from straining the system. This helps avoid increased energy costs and repairs.

Reduce the Heat in House During Summer?

Equally contributing to the workload of your cooling system comes from small changes. When the sun shines through, closing the blinds on the windows during the hours helps. If possible, it should be avoided during the hottest parts of the day, generating heat through activities such as showering, cooking, running the dishwasher, or dryer.

Ensure House is Properly Insulated

To trim the strain down on your AC system, consider updating the insulation in your home. Even garage doors can contribute to the cause, but unfinished attic space and walls should be properly insulated. Provide the sealing needed to keep the warm outdoor out and the cool air in and ensure the weather stripping around the doors and windows are in optimal condition.

Air Conditioning Tune Up Maintenance, Emergency Repairs, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York

To make certain the strain your system during operation isn’t extreme, professional services include maintenance, tune-ups, and inspection services which should be done throughout the year. Experts thoroughly evaluated for any signs of deterioration, damage or other potential problems that cause they system to be strained or other worse effects, the refrigerant levels are checked, and the ducts are inspected during expert services. Call NY NJ A/C Connection if you haven’t had your air conditioner tuned up yet or need AC repairs if your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your house as well as it should.

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