How Do I Know if My AC Blower Motor is Bad & Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced in Upper East Side, NY?

The blower motor is one of the primary components of an HVAC system. The blower motor blows either cool or heated air through the air duct system and into the home. The blower motor comes in four major types: a direct drive motor, belt drive motor, single speed blower motor, and variable speed blower motor. Each can develop different problems or failures that require repair or possible replacement. NY NJ A/C Connection will explain how a blower motor works and signs that it is in need of repair.

What Does an Air Conditioner Blower Motor Do?

A blower and its motor is the component that pushes the cool or heated air through the air ducts. There are four major types of blower motor and each work slightly differently. One is the direct drive blower motor which connects directly to the furnace blower wheel. Then there is the belt drive motor which uses a belt to rotate the blower’s wheel. A single speed blower motor has one speed and that one runs on full blast and forces the cool air through the air ducts. Then there is the variable speed blower motor which has different speeds and therefore is much more energy efficient. Most modern HVAC systems use this type of blower motor. Each type of blower motor will develop wear and tear over time. As the blower and its motor is used to circulate both the cool and heated air, the blower motor works all year long without a break. As a result, the blower motor wears down and develops problems at some point during the life of the HVAC system.

How Do You Know if Your Blower Motor is Bad?

Poor or No Air Flow – When a motor blower develops a problem one of the common signs is weak air flow. When you hold your hand over the air vent inside your home and the air flow is weak this is a sign the motor is wearing down. In some cases the weak air flow may be corrected with proper cleaning, tightening of screws and bolts, or the belt driven motor needs a new belt. The blower motor needs to be inspected to determine why the air flow is weak. When you cannot feel any air flow from the vent inside your home this is a clear sign that the motor is not running at all. A blower motor may fail because there is no power getting to the motor. Another reason why a blower motor fails to run is that it is simply broken down. Again, the blower motor will need to be inspected to figure out why it has failed.

Why is My Electricity Bill Suddenly So High?

Sometimes it can be hard to notice that your blower motor is beginning to wear down or develop problems. However, you may notice your power bill going up. An increased power bill can be a sign that the HVAC system is working harder than normal. When the blower motor develops problems it will struggle to push the air out. This means the inside of the home will stay warm and the thermostat will trigger another cooling cycle. It is important to have the blower motor inspected when you see your power bill go up.

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