Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced in Hell’s Kitchen, NY; Old AC Unit, High Cost to Run & More

With the need to combat the heat and higher humidity levels, having an efficiently operating air conditioner is a necessity when living in New York. Like most machines, air conditioners have a projected lifespan. The unit can last longer based on the quality of the unit, the extent of care and professional maintenance it receives. Especially if you want the unit to be made with higher quality and maximum efficiency, replacing the air conditioner when it has reached its end is usually a sizable investment. Sharing the warning signs that the A/C unit is near the end of the rope is what we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to do today.

Should I Replace My Old Air Conditioner?

When an air conditioner is around 10 and 15 years, industry leaders agree that it is a better investment to replace the air conditioner as opposed to continue sinking money into repairs and maintenance, especially if repairs are occurring more and more often. Rather than facing a surprise failure, being prepared and expecting the unit to end is easier. The unit can last, even beyond the life expectancy with regular care and professional maintenance scheduled. By writing the model and serial number down and researching it online or calling the manufacturer directly, you can find the age of the unit.

Indoor Comfort Levels Drop

An indicator of the unit’s demise is the way the unit is performing. Whether extreme or subtle notes inadequacy, a drop in comfort levels can occur. Usually warning the unit is close to the end of the end of its life is operational standards that are not up to par. A problem to regulate is common is when before the air conditioner struggles to maintain the indoor temperatures and humidity. The coils are wearing down to the wire if you notice the coils freezing over or even seeing mold growth, and the space feels clammy but cools.

Costs More to Run AC

The more efficiency is lost, the older the unit gets. Leading to more noticeable on a failing unit, the unit becomes more expensive to maintain as the operation costs increase and the need for repairs rises. When compared to older units, newer models have a better SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Every year the unit ages, the less efficient it becomes since efficiency gets easily outdated alone. When you notice an increase in your utility bills and other potential sources are ruled out, the older air conditioner is likely the suspect. With a reputable contractor, you can start to price air conditioner units. You can schedule an inspection to get a better handle on how the unit will hold up if you are having difficulty with your unit.

Emergency Central Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement, Maintenance & More in Manhattan New York, NY

If the unit is close to the end of the lifespan, or has a few seasons left in it, call NY NJ A/C Connection today to schedule a maintenance service for your unit and our certified technicians can help determine the next step. To keep the air conditioner fully functioning, we want to help you with a replacement if that is necessary or simply repairs.

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