What Happens if the AC Drain Clogs in Harlem, NY? How to Prevent & Fix Clogged AC Drains

In addition to removing the heat from the home, air conditioners also remove the humidity. A lot of moisture drawn out of your indoor air can be excessive on the particularly sticky days of summer. Condensation is produced from the humidity removal out of the air and is shed through the drain lines when this occurs. Before it flows down the drain tube and expelled outside your home, the air handler’s condensate drip pan collects the water first. Resulting in water damage in the surrounding area in addition to damage to the air conditioner unit if not quickly rectified, debris and residues accumulate and the drain line becomes clogged, preventing the condensation from draining over time. The impact of clogs, along with basics of the drain line is what we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to share today.

Why is AC Drain Line Clogged?

Clogs develop after time; the air contains microscopic bacteria and other tiny particles which are filtered in the air handler’s condensate pan. Along with wet clumps of dust, dirt, and debris, other residues that build up in the drain line are from algae, mildew, and mold growth. It is common for pests to build nests on the exit end as well because the drain line leads to the exterior of your home where the condensation can be released, during the off-season.

What Happens when AC Drain Line Clogs?

In the drain line, there are many variables that can lead to obstructions. Responding by shutting down the unit to prevent damage and the production of more condensation, modern air handlers are equipped with features designed to deal with a clogged drain and when they detect the drip pan is flooding is the good news. To get immediate attention, some even more sophisticated units will alert the owner with a text or email of the issue. It is the better alternative than dealing with costly damage though some perceive having the air conditioner shut down as an inconvenience.

How to Fix a Clogged AC Drain Line

The issue typically does not manifest until the water has dripped through your ceiling or out of your vents in the models that do not have this beneficial feature. Promptly switch off the air conditioner and call for a professional since this is a sure indicator the drip pan is overflowing due to a clog. It requires customized tools specific to the task as well as working in tight spaces in a hot attic since it is not an easy task and to ensure it is done efficiently where some may want to clear the drain line themselves. Most will respond as an emergency service so you do not have to wait long as a professional can get the drain line cleaned efficiently and quickly. By keeping up with routinely scheduled professional maintenance services performed by a trained technician, you can prevent clogs in the drain line. If any clogs are forming, they are quickly removed, and residue buildup is cleaned, these maintenance service include a cleaning and inspection of the drip pan and drain line.

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