Installing an HVAC Zoning Control System in Your Harlem, Manhattan, NY House

HVAC systems that are zoned allow a home to be separated into two or more zones. Zoned systems allow you to have more control in the way your home is heated or cooled because it allows for individual control of the temperatures in each zone. This system allows you to have a different temperature in the kitchen than the bedrooms for example. A zoned HVAC system is a money saver because it eliminates the need for dual air system that requires separate air conditioners and furnaces. The best thing about a zoned system is that energy can be saved because you’re not having to heat or cool areas of the home that don’t need to be. The efficiency of your HVAC unit will not change but it makes the most efficient use of the system, saving you money. Zoned systems can save you an average of up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs. And lower energy bills aren’t the only benefit of having a zoned HVAC system.

Benefits of Having a Zoned HVAC System

· Increased indoor comfort. When a home is equipped with one thermostat, temperatures in different rooms cannot be controlled properly. Temperatures will vary from room to room and from floor to floor in a multi-level home. Areas of the home can also be affected by other factors like shade, high ceilings, wind chill, cooking and appliances can all affect the temperature within a home. Different parts of the home can be controlled with a zoned system and solve all these issues and leads to overall comfort. Zoned systems also allow you to eliminate those hot and cold spots that can develop in a home.
· Modern convenience of temperature settings. Modern technology has allowed zoned systems to provide the convenience of modern living. Parts of the system can be set up in one room without the need to walk to another room to adjust the temperature. There are wall-mounted thermostats or a remote control to adjust the temperature, the fan speed and the humidity levels.

Adding & Installing an HVAC Zoning Control System

When a zoned system is installed, the home will be split into zones that require the same heating or cooling needs. The temperature in the different zones are electronically controlled with modulating dampers and electronic thermostats. The temperature can be automatically adjusted in each zone. This is not a DIY project. Even though it’s a straightforward installation, it’s best to allow the professionals to take care of it. Properly installed zone systems will provide the most comfort throughout your home as individual needs can be easily achieved with set point controls. Homes that can really benefit form a zoned system are those that have large open areas, large glass windows, multiple levels and homes with sprawling designs. Homes that have additions, finished basements and attic spaces also benefit with zoned systems.

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Almost any forced-air system can be converted to a zoned system. NY NJ AC Connection installs zoned systems. Take advantage of our certified technicians that are skilled, as well as have the knowledge and the equipment to install the system perfectly. You’ll be on your way to a more comfortable home and more money in your pocket! Give us a call today.

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