How to Save on Heating Costs in an Apartment or House in Lower Manhattan, NY

As the temperatures cool on the east coast this fall, some are preparing for the added heating costs because as the temperatures lower, heating use increases. Trying to keep warm shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice your way of living to use the heat. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to cut the expenses of utilizing the heat in your home. We at NY NJ AC Connection have compiled a brief list of ideas you can do to save on costs and still keep warm this winter.

How to Conserve Heat in Your Home & Save on Heating Costs this Winter

1) Weather stripping replacement. Check the all the windows and doors and look for any daylight shining through or peculiar drafts. If there is any weather stripping, assess the condition. If the condition is poor, you see light, or feel a draft, the weather stripping needs replacing. The heat you paid for is seeping of these slim spaces and cool air is being let in. Not only is it a waste of warm air, but your system is now to compensating for the problem, with extra wear and additional energy consumption costing you more than necessary.
2) Threshold maintenance. The threshold becomes loose over time as the daily foot traffic filters in and out of the home along with additional abuse and needs to be tightened back down from time to time. In the event you can feel a breeze or see daylight, similar to the weather stripping assessment, tighten or if it is damaged, get a quick replacement at your local home improvement store. Generally, there are 5 screws that holds it in place, too much tension will damage the weather stripping or expedite the wear, so avoid screwing them too tight as.
3) Insulate attic space. All too frequently homeowners find out that their attics are not efficiently insulated. Over time, it can deplete, or it was inadequately insulated at the time of construction. No matter the issue at hand, be sure your insulation is for the right region and who have enough of it. The hatch leading to the attic also needs to be insulated accordingly.
4) Upgrade to programmable thermostats. If you do not have a smart thermostat or a smart thermostat, we strongly recommend the upgrade as affordable as they are now these days. Especially if you are the forgetful type, having automatic adjustments during bed time or the hours when no one is home can help.
5) Use heating pads & electric blankets. Heat pads or electric blankets used correctly will reduce the amount of power used allowing you to use heat sparingly but still keep toasty.
6) Repair cracks. Deterioration occurs and the cracks and gaps, especially around utility line, electrical needs and so on. Be sure to keep the gaps and cracks properly sealed to contain the heat.
7) Invest in portable space heaters. Portable heaters can heat a small area in concentrated doses that can alleviate some of the burdens of keeping a room warm.

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