Furnace Blower Too Loud in Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY? How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace

The weather is here and the cooler temperatures send people to the HVAC unit to turn from cool to heat. One of the units that are used to heat a home is the furnace. The furnace uses electric or gas power to produce warm air that is sent through the duct work to make your home comfortable. The problem is that over time your furnace could run into trouble that requires it to need repairs. It doesn’t have to stop working all together for you to know that there is a problem with the furnace. The furnace will give you the signs that you need to understand that there is something not right about it.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Noises Your Furnace Might Be Making & How to Fix Them

Furnace Making Loud Scraping Noise: When you are listening to the sounds that your furnace makes and it is metal scraping you want to get it looked at right away. The metal sound is not a good one because it usually is the sign that there is a problem with the motor mount. If you allow the furnace to stay making this sound, the damage can be extreme. That is why it is important to shut off the furnace as soon as you hear the sound. If the sound is due to the motor being detached it can start to hit the casing and damage it past repair. If you are able to stop the furnace in time, the motor can be attached and set back up to run.
Furnace Makes Banging Sounds: Your furnace has been manufactured to run with ease and not to make loud noises that might upset your everyday life. That is why when you hear loud noises of any sound it is imperative you have the unit looked at. One sound that you might hear is a pop or a bang. This is not a huge problem but one that could affect the efficiency of your unit. The sound comes when the unit starts and the pressure that is in the duct is not properly balanced. This makes the metal sheeting pull in or pop back out in place. You want to have the size of the duct work checked to ensure that it is the right sizing.
Furnace Squeals: If you have a furnace that is making a squealing noise it can be from a few different places. If your furnace has any belts in the mechanical part they could be loose and slipping. This can cause a squealing sound. The other option is from the pump part of the unit that has an issue with the refrigerant. There is a part called the check valve that will help to regulate the refrigerant. This may need to be checked and repaired if you find that the noise is persistent.

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If you have a furnace in your home and you are hearing any noises give us a call. The noises could mean that there is a problem that needs to be repaired. If left unrepaired it can cause further damage as well as a danger to your home. NY NJ AC Connection can handle all your HVAC needs!

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