Importance of Furnace & Boiler Heating System Tune Up Maintenance in Hell’s Kitchen, NY

The winter brings in cold and frigid temperatures. You want to be able to get in your house and start to thaw out and that means that your heating unit is running full time. The heat that you get and how well it warms your house depends on several things. One is what type of heating unit you have and of course how well the unit is being cared for and maintained. You want to make sure that you understand your unit and you want to make sure that you have the type of unit installed that you want in your house. There are two main types of heating units that can be used in a home one being a furnace and the other is a boiler. They both work well but it is a good idea to know more about them before you decide which one is right for you.

What is a Furnace in a Home?

If you want the heating unit that many people have and are likely more widely used then having a furnace is for you. You also want to have a furnace used if you already have central AC in your home. That means that you have most of the elements that the furnace will need. The furnace heats up the air in your home and sends it out to the rest of the house using the air ducts. The heated air is a great way to warm up the house and in a hurry. The furnace is a hardy unit and can process hot air quite fast. You want to make sure that you have your furnace set up by a professional because they use gas as the catalyst to create the heat. Gas is something that can be dangerous if there is a leak in your house.

How Does a Boiler Work?

If you have a home that does not have any central AC then you don’t have any duct work. Houses that don’t have central cooling likely uses window units to add some cooling to their home. They don’t need to have any ductwork for this so a furnace is not the best option. The boiler is a great option for these houses because it uses warmed up water that is then sent through pipes to certain locations in your home. This is usually along the floor and to a radiator to get the rooms warmed up. The warmth that you get is not as quick with this type of heating unit but they are great if you are concerned about your energy usage.

Furnace & Boiler Tune Up Maintenance & More in Manhattan, New York.

No matter what type of heating unit you have or use you want to make sure that they are properly maintained. They each require specific types of maintenance and it is a good idea to talk to an HVAC professional to set up a plan that works best. You want to make sure that your units are in good working condition and maintenance is a great way to achieve that. NY NJ AC Connection can come out to your house to prepare your heater with proper care and maintenance. Call us today to meet with one of our technicians.

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