Solutions to Boiler Problems in Midtown Manhattan, NY; No Hot Water, Not Turning On & More

Most people immediately think about using a furnace to heat their home, but boilers are another option. Boilers provide a highly effective heating option, can last a long time and reach high heating efficiencies. A boiler is continuous closed loop of pipes that carry heated water (or steam) throughout your home through radiators. The water cools on its path as it gives of its heat to heat your home. The water returns back to the boiler to be heated again and the cycle continues. If your home has a boiler and it starts to have issues, its best to call professionals to diagnose and fix the problem, but professionals charge by the hour and it can add up. There are things you may be able to before a call to professionals. This can save time and therefore reduce the cost of the service call.

Troubleshooting Boiler Problems

1. Radiator cold when heating is on. If your radiator feels hot at the bottom and cold at the top, it’s an indication that there’s a buildup of air, rust in the pipe or a problem with the pump. This can happen when hot water isn’t being circulated correctly. This can be fixed by bleeding your radiators to remove air in the system. This should improve the heating.
2. Boiler fires up then turns off. Low water pressure issues with the thermostat or a condensate pipe can cause the boiler to turn off. It can also happen when there’s air in the system or a faulty pump. You can correct this by thawing out the condensate pipe or bleeding the radiators.
3. Is leaking boiler an emergency? Loose connections within the boiler or broken parts can cause a boiler to start dripping or leaking. These problems can only be dealt with by professionals.
4. Boiler losing pressure. Pressurized systems can lose pressure. The likely cause is a water leak or an issue with the expansion vessel. You can re-pressurize the boiler or call a technician in to do it for you. The owner’s manual will state what the maximum pressure level for your boiler is.
5. Boiler pilot light keeps going out. A faulty thermocouple is the likely cause of a pilot light that keeps going out, but it can be due to damaged seals. It’s best to call professionals.
6. Boiler making humming, vibrating or other noise. A build up of limescale in the heat exchanger can cause a boiler to become noisy. Noises common with this problem include gurgling, rumbling or whistling. It can also be caused by air in the system. You can bleed the radiator or power flush the pipes to get air out of the system. Call professionals if the noises continue.
7. Thermostat not working properly. Thermostats can act up when they are faulty, and they will deteriorate over time. You can make sure the power to it is on and check the clock and settings.

Boiler Troubleshooting, Repair Services & More in Manhattan, New York

If you’ve tried these tips and are still having issues with your boiler, contact a qualified technician. The professionals at NY NJ AC Connection can keep your boiler working throughout the winter. Call us today!

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