Winter Energy Saving Tips in Upper East Side Manhattan, NY; How to Save on Heating Costs

Winter is upon us and as the cold keeps creeping up on us, so will our energy use and our energy bills. The heating system in our home will work overtime during the coldest months of the year, keeping your home and family comfy and cozy. But the dropping temperatures don’t mean you have to pay more for energy. All you need to do is take a few steps to make your home more energy efficient. These steps will keep your energy bills low and your family will be comfortable too.

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient in Winter

Tip #1- Windows. The most effective way to make a home more energy efficient in the cold months is to take care of the windows. For example, if you have windows in your home that face south, you should keep window coverings open during the day to allow the sun to come in and create a natural source of heat. That way you can wait till the evening hours to turn the heating system on. The windows in your home can also be a place where energy escapes, more so if they’re drafty. Consider taping a plastic film on the inside of the windows during the cold months to stop air from leaking into your home. This can also help with the energy efficiency. You can also use window treatments and coverings to improve energy efficiency.
Tip #2- Temperature. Another cause of reduced energy efficiency when it’s cold is not properly setting the thermostats in your home. It’s very tempting and completely understandable to increase the temperature in your home when it’s cold outside, but this can increase your energy bills drastically. Set your thermostat to the lowest temperature you feel comfortable at and turn it down 10 to 15 degrees when you go to bed. This will save a great deal of money. If your home is empty for extended periods of time, consider installing a programmable thermostat to better regulate the temperature in your home for improved energy efficiency. If you have a heat pump, keep the setting moderate or use a programmable thermostat designed for heat pumps.
Tip #3- Air leaks. Windows are a major problem spot for air leaks and because air leaks pose a serious problem for home energy efficiency. You will need to inspect the windows around your home and seal any leaks that you find to increase the energy efficiency in your home. Use caulking and add weather stripping around doors to eliminate leaks. You can also have the ductwork in your home inspected to ensure they are properly sealed to prevent heat loss.

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These tips can make your home more energy efficient when it’s cold outside. For extra efficiency, contact NY NJ AC Connection to answer any heating questions you have. Give us a call to perform a heating inspection, preventive tune up maintenance or to fix any problems you’re having with it.

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