How to Make Central Air Conditioner Work Less in Your Midtown Manhattan, NY House

Now that summer temperatures have officially set in you are probably running your air conditioning unit regularly to help keep you nice and cool. As you run your air conditioning more often your power bill will increase. What can you do to help lower your power bill? Today NY NJ AC Connection has some tips for you to implement to help you in this endeavor.

Raising Thermostat 1 or 2 Degrees

There are lots of things that you can do to help keep your power bills lower. The most obvious one is to change the temperature that you have your thermostat set at. If you keep your home a little warmer your air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard to keep your house at the desired temperature. Many people choose to keep their home cooler when they are home but increase the temperature when everyone will be gone.

Seal Air Leaks in Your Home

Something that may be increasing your power bill is gaps or cracks in the seals around your windows and door. You will want to take time to check the seals on all of your windows and doors. It stinks to pay to have your air conditioner run only to have the cool air escape outside. You can get information on how to check and repair your seals at your local home improvement store. Do not forget to check your garage door as well. Even though your air conditioning unit is not cooling your garage the garage is one frequent place where hot air gets into your home.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are another great way to lower your power bill. When you have a ceiling fan in your room it does not actually lower the temperature of your home but it does make your room feel cooler. By moving the air in your room around your room can feel up to 5 degrees cooler than a room without a ceiling fan.

Try Not to Use Oven in Summer

Another thing you might want to try is cooking without your oven as much as possible. When you use your oven it heats up your home a significant amount. Using a crock pot, instant pot, toaster oven, electric skillet, or microwave can help you cook your dinner and keep your home cooler. If your home does not heat up as much your power bill will be lower.

Change Air Conditioner Filter

Our next tip is another simple one for you to try. You have air filters in your home that help keep the air in your home nice and clean. If the air filters get too dirty your unit will have to work harder and longer than necessary to keep your home cool. This will result in a higher power bill. Simply changing your air filters on a regular basis will help lower your power bill.

Central Air Conditioning Tune Up Preventive Maintenance, Emergency Repairs & More in Manhattan, New York

The last tip that we want to share with you today is one that NY NJ AC Connection can help you with. We recommend you have us come out twice a year to perform some maintenance on your air conditioning unit. When we come out we will check the different parts of your unit and make sure they are running properly. We can help you catch little problems before they turn into larger problems. The better your air conditioner is running, the lower your power bill will be. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance appointment!

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