Outside Central AC Unit Runs Constantly in Washington Heights, NY? Condenser Fan Motor Jammed & More

The air conditioner in your house is a major part of what will keep your family comfortable during the summer. The heat of the long summer days is great when you want to swim and hang out around the water. It is not the best when you have work to do and errands to run. That is why the air conditioner in your house is so important. You want to be able to rely on it to run when you need it to keep the house cool. A problem that some people tend to have is when the ac is running without stopping or all the time. On an extremely hot day this doesn’t seem like such a bad deal but when the electric bill comes it can be hard to deal with. You want to have your home at a comfortable temperature and the AC to only run when it is needed. If you notice your air conditioner is not shutting off you need to have it looked at. NY NJ AC Connection outlines what could be causing your central air conditioner to run all the time.

Condenser Fan Motor Jammed or Relay Not Running

The condenser unit that is outdoors houses a lot of working parts. These parts are important to cooling the air down and circulating it through the house. One of the components that could be the cause of the air conditioner running constantly is the relay. There is a relay switch that is part of the fan and motor. This tells the fan to run when it is needed and shut off when it is not. The fan has to run to help remove the heat from around the unit. If it is running all the time it can start to create heat and it can also make it seem as if the air conditioner is running. The issue can be that the relay that is part of the unit can be stuck in the on position or damaged. You want to have a professional out to inspect the unit and determine if the relay is to blame.

Short in Wires from Thermostat to AC Unit

The next thing that could be wrong with the unit is that the line that is sending the signal has a short in it. There is a wire that is set to send the signal to the actual air conditioner from the thermostat. The unit should be running based on the temperature that is set. When that desired temperature is reached the unit should shut off. Sometimes the unit will continue to run even after that degree is reached. This is a problem and could be a sign that there is a short in the wire or the line.

Oversized or Undersized AC Unit

Have you noticed since you got a new unit that it is running non stop? The problem can be that the size of the unit is wrong for the house. The square footage that you have is the main factor in determining the size of the unit. You want to make sure that you ask a professional about the unit and if it could be due to a sizing issue.

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