Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Running After it has Reached the Set Temperature in Hell’s Kitchen, NY?

When the summer time hits the temperature rises and that means you spend more time outdoors. People love to be at the lake, doing barbecues and more. The weather can also be intense and that is why when people get back to their house they want a place they can cool back down. That is why the air conditioning unit is the most important appliance during the summer months. The air conditioning is actually what makes the time outside manageable. That is because you can enjoy the time in the house when it is all over. If the air conditioning is not working properly it can cause trouble in the house as well as for your energy costs. One of the problems that you want to know what to do about is if the AC is running all the time. If it is running constantly it can be a sign that you have a problem. NY NJ AC Connection outlines common causes of your air conditioner running all the time.

Dirty AC Condenser Coils

One of the important parts of the system that is housed outdoors are the coils. They are what takes the heat out of the air that is being circulated and then cooling it to send it back in the house. The coils are outdoors and part of the unit that is usually on the side or back of the house. That means that the unit can come up against some dirt, dust and damage. It has been manufactured to withstand but that does not mean that it does not need attention and care. When the coils become caked with dirt and debris they are not able to cool the air and remove the heat. That means that your air conditioner will run all the time to try and reach the desired temperature. The way that you can repair this problem is by having the coils cleaned.

Broken Thermostat

Another problem you may have is when the thermostat is broken. This can be the cause of your air conditioner running all the time. The thermostat is there to control the temperature of the house. You should be able to set the thermostat to a temperature that is comfortable to you and your family. Then as it rises above that degree the thermostat tells the unit to start cooling again. Once it reaches that desired temperature again it will shut off. If you have a thermostat that is not working it can make the unit think the desired temperature has never been reached and that it needs to run all the time.

AC Unit is the Wrong Size

If you notice that after you a have a new unit installed that it runs all the time if can be the unit itself. There is a science behind the unit and the size that is required to cool and heat your home. If the unit is too small it will run all the time to try and keep up with the thermostat. If it is too large it will run and stop all the time making it seem as if it is running constantly. You want to make sure that you use a professional to purchase and install your new AC unit.

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