How to Keep a Room Cool in Summer Without AC & Cooler in Manhattan, NYC; Cool Feet, Ceiling Fans, Sitting in Basement & More

Now that we have all gotten through the coldest part of the winter and the spring weather is here most people are shutting down their heater. The heater or furnace is on all winter long to help heat up the house. The spring time offers nice weather that allows many homes to cut back on the heating system and refrain from turning on the air conditioner as well. The mild weather only lasts a short amount of time and the air conditioner will be necessary soon. When the temperatures start to heat up the AC gets started up and turned on. The issue is that this is the precise the moment that you may notice there is a problem with the HVAC unit. If the unit has a problem it seems to always be at the worst possible time. You may think there are other ways to cool down in the scorching heat instead of using your unit.

NY NJ AC Connection Offers Several Ways That People Try to Stay Cool Without Using Air Conditioning Units

Cool Off Your Feet: One option that you have to try and cool down on a hot summer day is to try and cool off your feet. When you cool off your feet and even your hands it will quickly drop the temperature of your body. Grab a bowl of water that is cold and dip your feet in. You can add ice if you want to cool off fast but it can be a bit painful if you try to cool too fast. If you are okay with keeping your feet in a cool bath then this may be an option for you.
Get in the Basement: The fact that hot air rises is just true. The hottest part of your home when the air conditioner is not running is most likely the upstairs. The lower you can get in your home the better for the temperature. The air will be cooler if you can get in the basement of your home. The great thing about the basement is that it is also underground which can be much cooler than the rest of the home. The problem is that it will still be quite hot there and may not be as comfortable as you want.
Keep The Blinds Closed: One of the most common ways to try and keep the heat out of your home is to close the blinds. The sunlight that comes in the home from the windows will heat a home up several degrees more than it would if they were closed. You want to make sure that they are closed and also shut off the lights which also can generate heat.
Switch The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan: One trick that you can use even if you are using your air conditioning is to change the direction of the ceiling fan. The fan is not there to cool any air down but it will rotate the air that is in the room. The ceiling fan going the opposite direction will pull the cool air that is lower up to the top and help to rotate it.

NY NJ AC Connection Offers AC Repairs In Manhattan, New York

Now with all these tips you need to be comfortable with your feet in water, sitting in a basement in the dark. The air conditioning unit is a much better option and in the end will be more comfortable! Contact NY NJ AC Connection for all your air conditioning and heating needs.

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