Air Filter Neglect in Manhattan, NYC Leads to Central AC System Inefficiency, Increased AC Repairs, Poor Indoor Air Quality & More

The air filters have an impact on so many different aspects of your home. Part of the maintenance of your HVAC system is periodically replacing or cleaning the air filters. They should be at least checked once a month and performed accordingly when the need arises. The filters accumulate more debris when there are multiple occupants in the residence, multiple pets, indoor smokers, or where windows and doors are left open to enjoy fresh air. Today, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to expound on the impact your air filters can have if left unmaintained.
1) Central AC System Inefficiency: You generate more cost with utility bills simply in an effort to save a few dollars on replacement filters, if that is your motive for postponing the maintenance. The HVAC system compensates for the dirty filters that make air flow restricted, forcing everything to work harder and costing you more in operating costs. Compacted air filters put a strain on the components as well as the energy use. Cold and hot spots are often a major sign of a system that is not operating at its full potential, which is due to the buildup on the air filter producing frozen coils and ultimately making the units performance dwindle.
2) Expedited Wear & Tear of AC System: With minimal space, the air filters can only house so much of the dust and debris that gets trapped for so long. When the dust and debris is past being able to accumulate on the intended air filters, the microbes and particulates are now free to settle on the many surfaces within your home, including the components of your HVAC system as well as clogging up the air ducts. As contaminants work into the moving parts, an area where lubricant is required gets dried out, and the grit causes more wear on the parts. Before you realize it, your system will require more repairs. By routinely cleaning or replacing your air filters on regular bases, you significantly minimize the negative effects.
3) Poor Indoor Air Quality Leads to Allergies: Air filters do not just collect dust, but additional allergens such as pollens, dust mites, pet dander, fur, and other such substances that induce allergy symptoms. The indoor air quality is improved and the allergens found in the air are reduced simply by tending to your air filters and ensuring they are clean. Some relief can be had for those that suffer from frequent allergies, asthma attacks, or respiratory problems with regularly changed air filters.
4) Frozen AC Coils: As previously mentioned, the coils can freeze over due to clogged filters. The filters are designed to permit the air to flow but retain the floating debris that is in the air. As the air filter buildup however, the airflow gets more and more restricted. The coils are unable to adequately perform their function and eventually freeze up with the air filters preventing adequate air flow. If the coils freeze up, the air will not be processed and your home will not be cooled.
5) AC System Short Cycling: Your air conditioner is designed to cycle on and off when it is needed throughout the day. Dirty air filters influence the air conditioners steady operating systems causing the cycling to occur far more frequently than needed. Wasted energy you paid for, uncomfortable conditions in the home, and additional pollution caused by frequent cycles is the byproduct of this event, which can be easily avoided with monthly air filter maintenance.

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