How Dogs & Cats Affect Your Central Air Conditioning Unit & Air Quality in Manhattan, NYC; Pet Dander, Dirty Filters & Damage to Condenser

When you ask someone how many members they have in their family many will include their four legged loved ones. Most homes have a pet like a dog or a cat they actually consider a part of the family. They actually are a great addition to any home and can offer companionship and comfort. Many pets are used for health care as well. Offering their services for people with blindness, PTSD and more. When you have a pet you know that there is more required from you. They can’t take themselves to the vet or give themselves a bath. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to tend to their needs and give them a comfortable place to live. Most pets need to be brushed, washed, walked, fed and of course loved. They also often times have dander and fur that is found floating through the house. That is why owning a pet can affect the air quality in your home as well as your HVAC unit. You will need to take a few extra steps than a home without a pet when caring and maintaining your HVAC unit.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists What Steps to Take to Care & Maintain Your HVAC Unit When You Have Pets in Your Home

Getting Rid of Dog & Cat Pet Dander: This is an easy way to help increase the air quality in your home. If you own a pet you know that they can have dander and fur or hair that is surely found all over the place. It can be found on the carpet, couches and of course floating through the air. One of the top causes of allergies and triggers for asthma can occur in the home. That is due to the amount of pet dander and fur that is in the air. The best thing that you can do is to take time to have your dog or cat groomed and cleaned often. The more that you can do to keep the fur and dander to a minimum the better the air quality will be. The next thing that you want to do is to vacuum and sweep the floors as often as you can.
Check AC Unit: If you have a pet such as a dog that spends time outside you need to keep an eye on the unit itself. The unit is often outdoors and can be in an area that your pet has access to. The unit will have wires and other exposed parts that if the dog chews on them it can cause some major damage. You need to be sure that you check the unit for damage and have it repaired right away.
Change Air Filters: The stop for lots of the pet dander and fur is the return air. This is where the filters are kept to help filter out the air that is then circulated back in your home. This is where you will find lots of fur and hair and that is why you want to change out the filters often. The filters will not last as long in a home with pets so be sure that you keep an eye on them and change them out.

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