How Can a Rain, Hail Storm or Flood Damage Your HVAC Condenser Unit in Manhattan, NYC?

When it comes to your HVAC unit there are parts of the unit that are outdoors and exposed to the elements. There are other parts that are in your crawl space or in the basement of your home. Then there are the thermostats, ductwork and vents that are in the house. Each of these parts have an important role in the ability of your HVAC unit to work correctly. One area of the unit is important and houses many of the components but it happens to be outdoors. You might think that this design might not be the best idea since being outdoors means it has to be up against all kinds of weather. The weather that it has to withstand can be rain, wind, snow, hail and more. The great thing is that the unit has been made knowing that it is outside and needs to be able to work in such changes in the weather. Although the unit can withstand there are some weather changes that can cause some trouble. NY NJ AC Connection outlines how a storm can cause damage to your HVAC unit.

Outdoor AC Unit in Rain

The first type of weather that might make you think may cause damage to your unit is the rain. The rain can come down all year round and does not have a season that it stays away from. Most places can see rain in the middle of the summer all the way to the winter months. It might seem that the rain would cause some damage since it is able to get in all the nooks and crannies of your unit. The good thing is that it is protected and a standard amount of water will not cause the unit to become damaged. If your unit is not in good shape and it is damaged from other issues you could see trouble with the rain.

AC Unit Sitting in Water After a Flood

If you live in a place that happens to see downpours that start to cause flooding in your area then you have a new problem. The rain on its own is not a problem but when it becomes a flood it can get too high up on the unit that is outdoors. This is when you have a problem and you want to make sure that you know what to do if you have flooding around your unit. The flooding can cover the compressor and that will cause the unit to stop working. It is best to shut off the unit if you are starting to see flooding around your home and unit.

Can Air Conditioners Get Struck By Lightning?

During a storm no matter the time of year that you are in there are elements of weather that are common. It can bring with it rain, flooding, hail, snow and of course lightening. The lightening is a part of the storm that you want to be cautious of. If your unit has been hit with lightening it can fry the electrical components of the unit. This will require the unit needing some work and even replacement.

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