HVAC Air Balancing Procedures to Fix Hot & Cold Spots in Your Washington Heights, NY House

The weather outside will change with each season. There are times that it can be nice and comfortable out but that does not seem to ever last long. The two seasons that can create temperatures that are hard to handle are the summer and the winter. These are the times in the year that you have to use the HVAC system to make your house feel more comfortable. When you are dealing with adverse weather outside you want to be able to get in your house and warm up on a cold day or cool off on a hot day. That is what makes the thermostat and the HVAC system so important. There are some times you can be in the house and notice areas that are not reaching the right temperature. These are usually from a problem with your air balancing. You want to be sure that you know what you can do to correct any hot or even cold spots in your house. NY NJ AC Connection outlines what you can do to correct any air balancing problems.

Hot & Cold Spots in House?

There are areas of the house that you might realize are getting hotter than other areas. These are called hot spots and they can be caused by several things but the main one is the sun. The sun creates heat and light in the daytime. The problem is that your home is surrounded by windows and they can allow the sunlight to come in and start to create a spot of heat in a particular room. The best thing you can do is to make sure that your windows that are causing the hot spots have some way to be covered. This can be blinds or even drapes that can be used to block the sun when you need to. This might only be from a few hours in the day when the sun is coming in at the perfect angle. You might notice that these particular hot spots are no longer any trouble at all.

Are House Air Vents Open?

The home has an HVAC system and a big part of that is the ductwork that is in the crawlspace. The duct runs from the unit to each and every room in the house. The openings are then closed off with a vent that will help to distribute the air through the room. The vents have a toggle that allow you to open and close them when you feel it necessary. This can be the actual cause of a room that is not reaching the desired temperature. The vents should be checked through the entire house and if there are any that are closed you want to make sure that you adjust them. A closed vent can cause the room to be too hot or too cold.

Leaky Air Ducts

If you have checked for sun spots and you have ensured that all the vents are open and you are still getting hot and cold spots, you want to have an expert out to check the ductwork. They can become broken or damaged and that will stop the air from flowing to certain areas of the house. This can be repaired and your air balance can be restored.

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