Furnace Troubleshooting in Upper East Side Manhattan, NY; Heater Not Turning On or Working & More

The weather outside is something that you have no control over. The temperature outside goes through seasons and with that it goes up and down. The weather in the winter months are cold and it can be uncomfortable. When the temperatures outside drop your home will too! It can be difficult to be comfortable in a home that is not warmed up in the cold months so having a heating system that works is important. A heating system can be a furnace, boiler and heater. All of which are going to need to be worked on and maintained in order for them to work properly. If the heater is not tuned up and taken care of they will not work and could break down sooner than they are meant to. You want to be sure that you are ready for some of the most common problems that come with a heating system.

NY NJ AC Connection Troubleshoots Gas & Electric Furnace Problems Such as Not Igniting

Gas or Electric Furnace Ignition Failure When it Won’t Light: One of the most common problems that HVAC companies get calls about in the winter are trouble with the heating system starting up. The system is usually ran off of gas or electricity. Each of these types of heating system have a form of ignition and that can be the cause of the unit not starting. A gas unit will have what is called a pilot light. The light is lit at all times and when the unit is supposed to turn on the gas will release and the pilot will ignite allowing the unit to heat the space. The problem is that there are times that the pilot light has burnt out. The pilot light is something that can be repaired and often times all it takes is to relight it. If the ignition switch is the problem then you may beed to have that portion replaced. If you have an electrical unit there is still an electrical spark that will take place when the unit starts the heating process. If this is what is malfunctioning the unit will not start the heating process until it is replaced.
Uncommon Furnace Noises: Another problem that people have is from noises that occur when a part has become damaged or stretched out. One noise that often means trouble and you need to turn off the unit is metal scraping. The metal can be from the fan that needs adequate room to spin. If it has come off or is bent in any way it can start to hit the sides of the unit. This can then lead to the metal scraping on the sides of the unit and that will lead to more damage. Another sound that you need to be wary of is squealing. This is usually the sign that a belt within the unit has become too loose and needs to be replaced. This can be done by a qualified professional.

Furnace Heating System Repairs in Manhattan, New York

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