Interesting Facts About Heating in Midtown, NY; Average Life of Furnace is 15 – 20 Years!

Winter is nearly officially upon us and where many us have already utilized our central heating, it is just around the corner where we will be relying heavily on it to give us warmth and comfort. Most do not want to have experience being without the heat in the middle of a New York winter. Luckily, there is preventative maintenance you can invest in to minimize the risk. The fall is the optimal time to schedule maintenance, tune-ups, and/or inspections services from your NY NJ A/C Connection professional to perform the overall evaluation, internal cleaning, tightening of hardware, and lubrication of moving parts to ensure it is operating at its full potential. Be sure your schedule your heating maintenance service sooner than later if you haven’t already to keep your heating up to par in time for the cold season.

Home Heating Facts

Heating is something we all appreciate, especially if you ever had to endure a time without it when it is freezing. Inspired by the appreciation we have for the heat, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to list a number of interesting facts concerning heat.
1) Much like a boiler featuring 24, 13 inch flues, a heater was designed in 1933 Ford Motor Company. For their V-8 vehicles they constructed the first dash-mounted exhaust gas heaters.
2) The Roman civilization is where indoor heating was born. Several buildings throughout the Roman Empire were equipped with the “hypocaust” system which is the furnace-heated air passed through empty spaces under floors and out the pipes.
3) Depending on key factors such as the quality of the unit, the care and maintenance they receive, the average lifespan of a furnace is 15 – 20 years. The older they get, the less efficient they become, particularly if they had little to no professional maintenance services.
4) Making England the first pioneers to install steam-heating system was due to the Governor of the Bank of England wanting a heat source to grow his grapes all year long.
5) The longest operating public gas system in the country was established in1836, making Philadelphia the first to have a municipally-owned natural gas company known as Philadelphia Gas Works.
6) Electric and natural gas is the two most used ways to heat homes. Only approximately 15% of homes use other sources such as wood, kerosene, and propane.
7) Caution and supervision are important when utilizing space heaters, especially since they are among the top 10 causes of home fires. Safety tips include keeping the heater strategically placed 3-4 feet away from all forms of clutter, never allow it to come into contact with liquid, and never leave it operating unsupervised.
8) Approximately 30% of the energy usage is the average cost for operating the heat in a standard home.
9) If we were to weld every U.S. gas pipeline together, with over 300,000 miles of it, the length could stretch out beyond the moon.
10) For early detection of gas leaks the energy companies add the odor of rotten egg smells because natural gas, often used to fuel the heating, is otherwise odorless.

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We hope this was an intriguing read for you. When your home or business is in need of central heating services; installing, replacing, repairs, and maintenance, call in the experts of NY NJ A/C Connection today and let our specialists get started.

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