Why a Central Heating Furnace or Boiler System Works Better than a Fireplace in Hell’s Kitchen, NY

The temperatures outside drop more and more and the weather is going to stay cold and chilly for some time. This helps people get in the mood for the holidays and the winter fun. The cold weather is great as long as you have a way to warm up. This is where your home comes into play. Most homes have several ways to warm up the house such as a boiler, furnace, central heater, fireplace and more. These are all ways to help get your cold chilly home to a temperature that is comfortable. Although there are several ways to heat your home some are better than others. This can be in ways of safety as well as cost effectiveness. Safety is key in a home as well as saving money when you can.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Types of Heating Systems to Use in Your Home

Cons of Having a Fireplace: One of the most iconic options in the cold weather is to strike up the fireplace. If you have a wood burning fireplace or even a gas run fireplace there are some reasons to skip it. The fireplace will give off the warmth you are in search of. The problem is that the wood burning fireplace will add odor to the home that may be an annoyance to some people. The other problem is if the fireplace is not cleaned properly you could be susceptible to smoke damage as well as fire hazard. The gas fireplace is a safer option but you are paying only to warm a small area of the home. The gas fireplace is often using the same energy that your central unit is using to warm the house. The problem with any type of fireplace is also that you don’t have any control over the temperature that it is giving off.
How a Central Heating System Works in a House: The best way to warm up your home is to use the heating system that you have installed at your house. Whether you have a boiler, furnace or any other heating system they are best to use. The heat is controlled that is coming out of the vents and is sent through the entire house. Another benefit you have when using the heating system in the house is safety. The amount of house fires that come from the heating system are minor in comparison to substitute heating sources. You don’t have to worry about resetting the temperature and adjusting it. The thermostat can be set to a program that will run the heater during the times that you set it for. Lastly the heating system is better for the air quality in your home. If you have anyone that has asthma or allergies, the amount of allergens in the air will decrease when you use the heater as opposed to a fireplace. You need to be sure that the system is inspected and the filters changed on a regular basis.

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