Fun Air Conditioning Facts in Lower Manhattan, NY; History of Cooling in Ice Energy & More

Having an air conditioning system in your New York home or business is essential to survive the warm and humid summer months. By removing the heat from the air and expelling it outdoors, most understand the basic concept of an air conditioner as it also helps remove the humidity from the air as well. There are quite a few fun facts that surround air conditioners that few do know, and we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to list today.

Air Conditioner History & Other Facts

– Before A/C units, architecture originally was designed to help cool. Before air conditioning, buildings would need specific architectural features such as high ceilings and breezeways, among others to keep cooler.
– Air conditioning has helped science. Without consistently cool environments, medications, medical procedures, and other scientific experiments could not be possible.
– Humans have become reliant on air conditioning. Before the time of air conditioning, the human tolerance for heat has significantly drops according to research.
– The U.S uses a lot of energy for air conditioning. In the United States, we use the same amount of power for our air conditioning as Africa uses every year.
– Cooling in ice power. When air conditioner united were first introduced, the indication of cooling power was measured in Ice Power, which was the equivalent of how many ice blocks would be needed to cool the area.
– Air conditioning was not first intended for people. To prevent the ink from sticking to the paper with the humidity increase during hot weather, Willis Carrier designed the air conditioner in 1902.
– ‘Summer Blockbusters’ were made popular with A/C. Movie theaters were among the first entities to integrate air conditioning technology. Summer movies become especially popular as people would have the opportunity to enjoy cool air while watching films. Creating the popular term still used today ‘summer blockbuster’, Hollywood took note of the rise in attendance and chose to release their biggest features on the summer.
– Summer vacation from school. A modern tradition that stuck was the summer vacations because schools were too hot for learning in the summer, they took the time off from school.
– Vehicles equipped with air conditioning. In the late 1930s was the first equipped air-conditioned vehicle was made by Packard.
– The Oval Office installing air conditioning. Herbert Hoover was the 1st president to experience air conditioning in the Oval office, costing 30,000 to install and done in 1929 following the stock market crash and at the beginning of the Great Depression.
– The first house that was fully air conditioned. The first house built with a fully air-conditioned feature was Minneapolis in 1913 by Charles Gates an heir to the barbed wire fortune. Misfortune struck however, as he has an untimely death on a hunting trip and never experienced the air conditioning as he died before the home was finished.

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These were just a few of the fun facts concerning air conditioning, but when you are in need of quality repairs, maintenance, replacements, and installation services, call in the leading experts of NY NJ A/C Connection and let our qualified experts do the rest.

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