How to Use Central Air Conditioner Effectively & Make AC More Efficient in Harlem, NY

The change in the seasons is a fun time whether it is going from the cold of winter to the warm sun in the spring. The change is a great time to adjust ourselves as well as how we live our lives. Many people cannot wait for the warm days of summer to get out and do some of their best vacationing as well as outdoor activities. The amount of swimming, BBQ’s and enjoyable nights out are higher in the summer. The warm air is usually welcome after a long winter. The problem is that the summer and even the spring can become too hot where you want to make sure you have a way to get out of the heat. This is why most people have their air conditioning unit up and running in the summer. It is a great way to have a space that you can go to cool down. Most people are prepared to pay a larger electric bill in the summer because the HVAC unit is pulling more energy when the AC is running. If you want to have a more efficient summer it is a good idea to see what you can do.

NY NJ AC Connection Outlines How to Improve Home Air Conditioning Efficiency

Central Air Conditioner Covers: If you are out in the middle of a hot summer day most people can be seen hiding under the shade of a tree or building. That is because the temperature in the shade is quite a bit cooler and without the sun beating down on your skin you can regulate much better. The same theory can be used on your AC unit. There is part of the unit that is outside the house and exposed to the sun. If you want to allow the unit to run without being heated up you should provide some level of shade. Some people choose to use a cover of sorts that still allows the unit to breathe but offers some shade. You also could use a tree that is far enough away to not cause damage but close enough that the shade will cover the unit. This can save you money and allow your unit to be much more efficient.
Change Air Filters in Your Home: You also want to make sure that the air that is in the house has a way to circulate properly. You may overlook changing out the filters and if you do you are creating a blockage. The filters are not intended to last forever but should be changed out quite often. The dust and dirt will start to stick to the filter and that will make it so that less air can get through. Now your unit will work overtime to get the air that is needed and send it through the ductwork to cool the house down.
Make Air Conditioner Repairs as Needed: You also want to make sure that you have your unit inspected and maintained. Your unit may still be working but if there are parts that are worn out or damaged it can cause it to slow the function. That means that your unit will have to work longer to cool the same amount of air if it were repaired. The inspection can look for those types of repairs and make them so that all the pieces and parts are working together.

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