Tips to Replace Your Central Air Conditioning Unit in Manhattan, NY; Size, SEER Rating & More

One of the things you know as a homeowner is that you are going to have to replace and repair appliances throughout the time you live in a house. The home needs to be maintained and cared for if you want to enjoy your time. One of the things about the home that need work and replacement are the appliances. These are all parts of the functionality of the home that make it comfortable for us to live. This can be the oven to cook a meal all the way to the air conditioner that cools the house. The air conditioning unit is something that most people value in terms of needs when trying to be comfortable. The temperature of the house is important to keep you and your family feeling good. You will have to at some point to replace the air conditioning unit when it has run its course.
NY NJ AC Connection offers tips on replacing your AC unit.

What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need?

When you are ready to replace your air conditioning unit it is usually not because your old one is working great. The air conditioner has a lifespan that it will work and after usually around ten years it will stop working. This can also be that the unit is now costing you more to keep up then it would to just replace it. The time to replace the unit can feel stressful which is why you should be prepared with the right information. The size of the air conditioning unit does matter and should be considered carefully. The larger the unit does not mean that it is better. In fact the unit size is relative to the size of the house that you are trying to cool. The technician will take the square footage of the house and if the home has two or one unit into account. If the unit is too large it will actually be overused and that will mean it runs out sooner. The smaller the unit the longer series it will run and for longer periods of time which lead to it needing replacement sooner.

What SEER Rating Should I Buy?

The size of the unit is part of what is important but also the rating of the unit as well. Each unit has a SEER rating that tells how efficient the unit is. You want to make sure that yours is efficient so that it lasts longer but also so that you can save on your energy costs. The rating that you are looking to see on your unit is usually from 10 – 14. Anything less than this means that the unit must be old and not newly manufactured.

Central AC Installation, Replacement & More in Greater Manhattan, New York

You then need to make sure that the unit is installed and set up by a professional. This is an investment in your home and you want to make sure that it will last 10 years or longer. This has a lot to do with the proper installation of the unit as well as maintenance over the time of the units life. NY NJ AC Connection has technicians that can help to choose the right unit as well as install it on your home. Call us today!

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