Does the Placement of your Manhattan NY Air Conditioning & Heating Thermostat Effect the Efficiency of your HVAC Units?

The air conditioning and heating units in your home are responsible for the majority of the energy that is used in most homes in America. We have all become accustomed to enjoying the comfortable temperature in our homes. Most homes have a central unit that is used to heat or cool air that is then circulated through your home to get it to a desired temperature that you set your thermostat for. The one spot that determines the temperature throughout the entire home is based where the thermostat is located. The thermostat has a sensor that keeps track of the temperature in the home and will alert the unit to either cool or heat the air to get it to the desired temperature.

NY NJ AC Connection lists reasons why the placement of the air conditioning and heating thermostat is so important as well as where not to place it!

Why Proper Placement of a Thermostat is So Important

The thermostat is what will determine how long the unit runs. If it is in a place that gets hot or cooled off too quickly it can tell the unit to stop before the house is at the desired temperature. The placement of the thermostat is best in an area that allows it to get the average temperature of the home so that the rooms are pretty similar when the unit does go on and off.

Where NOT to Place a Thermostat in Your Home

There are several places that you want to steer clear of when the thermostat is installed. You never want to place it near a room that will have drastic changes in temperature like in the kitchen or bathrooms. When you are baking and cooking the room will inevitably rise in temperature which is not going to be the same as the rest of the home. A bathroom is another place that you want to stay away from because during a hot shower the temperature will also rise. You also want to make sure that the area does not have a large amount of sunlight hitting it. This can fake the thermostat into thinking it is warmer than it actually is. This can cause the unit to kick on more often or not enough depending on if you are heating or cooling your home. The last thing to think about when placing a thermostat is to look around for air vents to be sure that they are not close enough to cause the area to cool or heat too fast. The best place to set up a thermostat is in a hallway between the rooms that it is keeping temperature for.

If you need to have your thermostat replaced or moved or have any other air conditioning or heating need, call NY NJ AC Connections today in Manhattan New York.

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