Common Ar Conditioner Mistakes & Problems in Manhattan NY; Call our Professional Air Conditioning Contractors

Your heating and air conditioning system is of most importance when it comes to keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the entire year. Whether its keeping cool during the summer or having a warm place to retreat during the winter, your unit is relied upon heavily to provide specific comforts. Your air conditioning unit may not seem that complex, but it does contain a great deal of parts that must all be functioning properly to make the entire unit produce a perfect performance every time that it is turned on.

Air Conditioner Too Big for Manhattan Home

Homeowners often make the same mistakes when it comes to proper A/C unit care, maintenance and repair. Purchasing a unit that is too big for your home will result in a higher energy bill. Bigger is not always better, if you are not sure what size unit is best for your home, contact NY NJ A/C Connection. Our technicians know what size unit is best for your home, will provide the most comfort and be the most energy efficient. Do not get fooled into thinking that you must purchase the biggest unit available for your home, trust the professionals at NY NJ A/C Connection to point you in the right direction.

Best Location for Air Conditioner Unit

Did you know that the actual location of your air conditioning unit has a direct impact on its energy efficiency? While it may seem convenient to place your air conditioning unit in a unused corner of the yard or property, the placement may result in having your system work harder to keep your home at a specific desired temperature. The less amount of direct sunlight your unit is exposed to, the more efficient it will be at keeping your home comfortable. Try to position your air conditioning unit in a shaded area, this will also add years to the life of your unit.

Location of Thermostat

Another important item to consider when discussing location is that of your thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat in your home is not located near lamps, behind electronics or other areas that radiate a great deal of heat. This may cause your thermostat to heat up and think that your home is hotter than it really is. This will result in your unit running much longer and working much harder as it will never reach your desired temperature if it is being constantly heated by another source.

For the best A/C installation, emergency repair and preventive maintenance services, contact NY NJ A/C Connection today in Manhattan NY.

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