HVAC Preparation, Preventive Maintenance & Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Manhattan NY Home

Everyone can rest easy, according to groundhog traditions, spring will be early this year, at least we all hope so. But, in any case, when it approaches, it is best to have the HVAC ready for the new temperature adjustments. As with any appliance, or anything with moving parts for that matter, maintenance is a good preventative measure to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, the HVAC is no different.

NY NJ A/C Connection would like to offer some things you are capable of doing yourself for spring time HVAC preparation.

1. Change Air Filters. Filters are a good starting point. It is recommended that you either change or clean your air filters a minimum of once every quarter (or 3 months). However, if there are more than a handful of people residing in your home, furry pets are present or any indoor smokers; it is more optimal to check on them once a month. Your air filters help trap dust, dust mites, pollens or other small particle pollutants cycling through your airflow. Keeping the filters regularly maintained will promote HVAC proficiency and minimize the allergens assaulting you.
2. Installing Ductwork. It is not always a simple task and you may need to enlist the aid of a professional on this one, but if possible, inspecting your ductwork is important. Check for holes, gaps, or other damage. For superior efficiency, airflow needs to be strong and constant. Dirt, mildew and even mold can potentially encroach in the ductwork as well, so check to make sure there is no filth residing. If there is, a professional should be called upon to give your air ducts a thorough clean.
3. Clear Outdoor Ground Units. Over the course of the winter, your air conditioning unit has been dormant, with abuse of weather and climate conditions falling upon it. Start by removing any vegetation. Trim grass and shrubs away from the unit. Remove any piling materials. Keeping your unit clear of clutter 2-3 feet in the surrounding area is best. Clean away the dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris. Make sure the drainage pipe is clear and free from any buildup.
4. Test Run of Your HVAC Units. Before the rising temperatures become common place, test your unit. Make sure everything appears to be running smoothly and efficiently for approximately 15 minutes.
5. Make a HVAC Appointment. HVAC systems have quite a few components to having it run sufficiently. For optimal efficiency, having professionals conduct an inspection on your HVAC units will give them a chance to make any necessary minor repairs or maintenance protocols to ensure your unit is running effortlessly. The air conditioning unit and furnace, especially, need their maintenance and tune up services to keep the HVAC in working order. Doing so will minimize the major issues from occurring and will contribute to quality performance; and even a longer life span.

Our professionals from NY NJ A/C Connection are expertly trained, and have accumulated the experience to make their skill and knowledge of HVAC services the best in the business. Call us today to schedule your appointment in Manhattan New York!

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