Work is Too Cold for Productivity, What Can I Do? Sexist Office Central Air Conditioning Temperature Setting Standards in Manhattan, NYC

Back in the 1960s the workplace consisted of mostly men. In the day and age we live in now, the same thing can’t be said. Women make up half of the workforce now. How often do you see women in the office environment bundled up in warm clothing or even blankets? Studies are showing this could be because your office air conditioning is sexist! NY NJ AC Connection is here to point out what studies are telling us about office air conditioning.

Office Air Conditioning Temperature Standards

Science tells us that women have a lower resting metabolic rate than men do and burn energy slower. This makes women feel colder while a man in the same room might feel warm. The formula that was used more than fifty years ago to decipher what the temperature in the office should be, was based on a 40 year old male around 154 pounds. This formula showed that the average male is comfortable when the thermostat is set at 71.6 while the average female is comfortable at 77 degrees. This is quite a difference!

How Much Does Turning Up the Thermostat Save?

Not only should the thermostat be turned up to even the playing field between men and women, but it is more energy efficient and better for the environment. Turning up the temperature in the building will help with the fight against global warming. When you turn up the thermostat, you don’t waste as much energy, and carbon dioxide emission is less. If you turn your thermostat up a mere five degrees, you can save as much as 11% on your energy bill each month!

Benefits in Productivity are Apparent when the Temperature is Turned Up

When temperatures are warmed in the office environment, not only is it good for the world we live in but employees are more efficient. In a recent study, it showed that when the temperature of an insurance office building was turned up from 72 degrees to 77 degrees, productivity went up 150 percent! Not only were employees more productive, but their work had less errors with typos going down 40 percent. The benefits of a warmer office building are clear when you put it that way.

Time for Gender Equality Re HVAC in the Workplace

This is just one more way the divide between men and women is apparent. Men might think that women are just complaining about the temperature, but these studies don’t lie. Air conditioning in the office benefits men more than it does women, and because of a woman’s physiological makeup, they truly are colder than males. Men can dress cooler during summer months just like women can dress warmer. It’s time to meet in the middle rather than one side making all of the compromises.

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