HVAC Air Ductwork & Vents Are NOT the Best Secret Hiding Places to Hide Valuables in Your Manhattan NYC Home!

Are you trying to find the perfect place to hide your valuables and keep them safe? We have all seen it a thousand times in the movies; people hiding valuables in the ductwork at work and at home. This might sound like the perfect place to hide your valuables, but it really isn’t. NY NJ AC Connection is here to explain why this isn’t the best idea!

Losing Valuable Documents and Money in Vents

If you are stowing your documents that are important and you can’t live without in the vents at home or at work, this could go south quick. When your HVAC system kicks on, whether it is for heat or for air conditioning, the air blows pretty hard. When you have light things like paperwork and money hidden in those ducts, you can almost guarantee that it will start blowing all over the place. If these documents are important, you don’t want to risk losing them in your ductwork. Because paper and money is very flammable, you also run a risk of fire hazard.

HVAC Ductwork & Hangers Can’t Support Extra Weight

Depending on what you are planning to put in the ductwork, you could end up collapsing the duct runs. They aren’t made to support very much weight at all since the only thing that should be inside them is air. When you see people crawling through them in the movies, that wouldn’t really work out well. They are made of very thin metal and aren’t designed to support any weight. Valuables that are heavy, like some guns and other items, could end up causing your ducts to separate and not work as efficiently.

HVAC Airflow Problems in Vents

For your HVAC system to work seamlessly, the air needs to be able to flow freely. When there are items in the ductwork that restrict air flow, you will be paying more for the energy that you use because your system will be working double time. You will also end up repairing your unit frequently if it has to work so hard.

Install False Vents for Valuable Storage

If you are really fond of the idea of putting valuables in your vents, you can make a false vent somewhere in your house. You can buy the already fabricated and ready to install, or you can make one yourself. When you make your own, you have the option of choosing the exact same vent cover that is throughout your home that makes it completely incognito. This is a great option for some invisible storage of valuable items.

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