What Would Cause an AC Unit to Not Turn On in Washington Heights, NY? Clogged Condenser & More

As we head into the air conditioner season in New York, the cooling system in your home or business is essential for providing comfort and relief from the warm temperatures and control the high humidity levels. The air conditioner not switching on can happen due to many instances when homeowners go to turn on their system. Today, we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to share a few common problems that prevent the air conditioner from flipping on.

No Power to AC

If in the event the air conditioning system does not seem to be receiving power, inspect the breaker box. Before switching it back on again, make certain push the switch all the way to the off position if the breaker switch flipped. Should you flip the breaker, but it continues to trip, do not restore power until you have had a licensed technician inspect the wiring. Contact your power company if the power is absent from your home. The issue can be properly diagnosed to restore the power for your unit with the help of a certified professional. The technicians simply need to tighten or repair any loose wiring or terminals, is the usual solution.

Clogged AC Condenser

The unit’s outdoor condenser fan and fins are clogged from dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris is another possible reason for an air conditioner not powering on. Scheduling a comprehensive air conditioning tune-up service is the most effective solution. Without damaging, to learn how to clean the condenser unit yourself is another alternative.

Dirty Air Filter

Check the air filter when the air conditioner is not on is the first thing everyone should do before anything else. When the air filters are over encumbered and will not turn on until the filter is breathable again, there are quite a few models that are designed to shut down. To prevent the damage clogged filters, contribute, this feature is a safety and efficiency precaution primarily designed.

Bad AC Thermostat

Be certain the thermostat is operating correctly, as it should be set to cool, and power set on. A good cleaning every so often is required with an electromechanical thermostat. If the thermostat appears disabled, be sure the batteries are fresh. Ensure it is not the circuit breaker or power supply if the thermostat won’t power on. Th thermostat is not functioning if a professional may be needed if the home is powered.

AC Contactor, Transformer, or Relay is Failure

The transformer and contactor are electric motor controls that are used to power on the air conditioner or heat pump. In the event these elements are not functioning, you will need to contact a licensed professional for replacement.

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