Does AC Run More when it’s Humid in Harlem, NY? Can Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

After a long cold winter especially after being locked inside for some time, most are looking forward to the spring. This is a time of year that awakens everything around you. You will start to see more and more people outdoors enjoying the warmer weather. You will also see less layers and more people doing activities outside. The change in the weather awakens those that have spent a lot of time in the house. It also awakens the plants and the animals all around the area. You can start to enjoy the blooms from the flowers to new birth and so much more. The other thing that has to be awakened when the weather starts to warm up is your air conditioning unit. The AC unit plays a big role in the comfort that you have in your home. Although the start of spring is not hot enough to stress you out about your AC being in good shape, the time will come fast. One of the things that you want to be aware of is what can cause trouble with your AC unit. One of the things happens to be the humidity that you are dealing with. NY NJ AC Connection outlines how humidity can affect your AC system.

Is Humidity Good or Bad?

One of the things you need to know is that humidity is not something that only has an effect on the outdoors. The humidity does start outdoors but that same air gets in buildings. The air that is being used in the house can have humidity that is not being handled well by the HVAC unit. Humidity is something you can usually feel when you go outdoors. The way that you can tell is when the air is sticky, or muggy. The air usually has a level of moisture in it that will then cause the air to create what is referred to as humidity. Humidity is not always a bad thing except when you have an AC unit that is not keeping up on keeping the home cooled.

Can Humidity Affect Air Conditioning?

You want to make sure that if you live in an area that has some level of humidity you know when your AC unit is not keeping up. The humidity can make it so that your AC is struggling to cool the home down to the temperature that you want or set it to. The humidity can make it so that your unit is not able to keep up and that can be because the unit may be too small. The unit should be able to handle removing some of the moisture in the rooms and not causing over humidity in the house. The other problem can be that the humidity is building up and you can tell by signs of condensation on the windows and more.

How Can We Solve Air Conditioner Humidity Problems?

If you have an issue with humidity in the house you may need to have a professional out to do an inspection. They may find that your unit needs to be repaired or even replaced. You can also ask about ways to reduce humidity in the home with another source. Most of the time it can be done with the correct unit.

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