Time to Evaluate Your Furnace or Boiler in Manhattan, NYC; Hearing Loud Noises, Frequent Heating Repairs & More

As we move into the spring season, there are most likely days that you will find you don’t hear your furnace or boiler kick on since the temperatures outside aren’t so cold. That makes this the perfect time to evaluate your furnace and see how it is measuring up to years’ past. NY NJ AC Connection is here to walk you through a furnace check to see if your furnace is running as well as it has in previous years.

Compare Heating Energy Bills with Last Year

Everyone wants an energy efficient furnace or boiler. One way you know that your heater might be on its last leg is with the help of your current energy bill as well as past energy bills. If you notice that there is a large increase in your energy bill compared to last year, this indicates that your furnace is getting old and working harder than normal to do the same job.

Furnace or Boiler is Making a Rattling, Humming or Knocking Noise

Throughout the winter, you may recall hearing some strange noises that were coming from your furnace or boiler. Any cracking, popping, squeaking, or other strange noises are not normal. These are all indications that there is something not quite right with your heater. Don’t ignore any strange noises, because when you do, you end up paying more for larger repairs later.

Constant or Frequent Heating Repairs

Hopefully this winter, you didn’t have to deal with repairs on your furnace or boiler. If you did, all is not lost. The thing that indicates a bigger problem is constant repairs. You shouldn’t have to repair a furnace frequently when it is running properly. If you find yourself calling a professional often, your heater might be on the tail end of its life. You could save money with a newer furnace or boiler that doesn’t have frequent repairs and works efficiently.

When Dealing with Uneven Heating Temperatures in House; Check Vents & Ductwork

If you are dealing with uneven temperatures, you want to get to the bottom of it right away. The heat in your home should be evenly distributed in order to keep your home comfortable. Checking your vents and ductwork is the first thing you should do when you have uneven temperature issues. If the problem isn’t there, the problem could lie with your furnace instead.

How Did Your Last Maintenance Appointment Go?

Before the winter started, you should have had a maintenance appointment to check your furnace or boiler over and get it ready for the cold season. During this appointment, your technician could have hinted at the fact that your heater is getting and it might be time to replace it. If you had this conversation with your technician and are having any of the problems stated above as well, it could be time to replace your furnace or boiler.

Consider the Age of Your Furnace

A good furnace should last you about 10-15 years. Once your furnace gets over the 10 year mark, you might start to notice a decline in the performance of your furnace. Your first reaction might be to repair it, however, if you are staring expensive repairs in the face, it might be more cost efficient for you to replace it entirely instead.

Furnace & Burglar Inspections, Repairs & Replacement in Manhattan, New York City

NY NJ AC Connection offers inspections as well as repairs and replacements and can help you evaluate your furnace or boiler to determine what would be best for you. Call us today!

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