My Furnace is Blowing Cold Air When the Heat is On in Manhattan, NYC; How Air is Heated Throughout Your Home!

In the winter time the air outdoors is too cold for comfort. The cold weather is great but not when you want to relax in your home. The air in the home can be just as cold as outdoors if you are not using a heater, boiler or furnace. Most homes have some sort of furnace in their HVAC system that heats the air and sends it through the home. The furnace is an extremely important part of life in the cold winter months because we have become accustomed to comfort. The heated air is necessary to enjoy your time indoors as well as help warm you up after you have spent any time outdoors. A common question that people have is what temperature is the air heated to that is being circulated into the home. You may think that the air is only heated to the temperature that you set the thermostat to but that is just not accurate. If that was true it would take a very long time to get the house up temperature and that would not be very energy efficient.

NY NJ AC Connection Explains How the Air is Heated, Blown to Each Room & What Temperature It Is When Using Your Furnace

How the Indoor Air is Heated: There are several types of furnaces but they each heat in the same manner. You may have a gas furnace, oil furnace or an electric furnace. When you go and turn on the furnace the fuel is ignited when using oil or gas, or electricity starts to heat the heating elements. When the air is being heated it is about 140 up to 170 degrees and is sent through the house by the blower. The blower fan works to send the air from the area that it is being heated to the rest of the house using the ductwork. You never want to be near the fan blower when it is turned on. The air that is being circulated is extremely hot and can be dangerous. The reason that the air can be that hot is because it is going to be circulated through the house that is full of air that is much cooler. When it mixes together that air will balance out and the air that is left is the right temperature. This will warm up the house in an efficient manner and won’t require the furnace to run for as long. To ensure that all rooms are heated the same, make sure that vents are open all the way.
My Furnace is Blowing Cold or No Air When the Heat is On: You may notice that the furnace is running longer than normal or the home will not heat to temperature. These are a few signs that the furnace needs to be inspected and potentially repaired. You may also notice a spike in the energy usage or loud noises or sounds coming from the furnace. You want to consult a professional HVAC company as soon as possible to have the repairs done correctly.

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