Protecting Furnace from Rust & Working Harder from Cold, Snow & Ice this Winter in Hell’s Kitchen, NY

The weather outside determines a lot about how we live our lives. If we are in the middle of a hot summer day you might be looking for a way to cool down like at the pool. When you are in the cold of winter you will find most people indoors and doing what they can to warm up. There are the fall and spring weather which is perfect for outside fun like biking, hiking and more. The weather not only has an impact on the activities that we choose but also what we need to heat or cool our home. The weather outside is either too hot or too cold which makes the home the same. Without anything making an adjustment your home can be most uncomfortable. That is why we have the luxury of using a cooling and heating system. These units are a great benefit but there are some outside forces that can affect how they work. One type of weather that is a problem for your heater is the snow!

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Ways the Snow Can Affect Your Heating System

Snow Causes the Furnace to Work Harder: One aspect of snow and a day that is cold enough to have snow is that the temperatures are extreme. The house will drop in temperature as well and that is why your home may not feel as warm as normal. The temperature outside directly effects the temperature in the home which is why a frigid temperature causes the heater to go into overdrive. The heater will need to work more often to keep the house to the temperature that you choose. There is not a lot that you can do to prevent this issue. Just know that you will have more activity with your heater.
Furnace Rust & Corrosion: The snow is just frozen water and when it has started to build up around the unit it can be a problem. Many of the parts of the heating and cooling system are made of metal that is susceptible to water. This is what is referred to as corrosion and is a bigger problem when the snow starts to melt away. The water can get on the system and cause the metal to start to corrode and break down. This will often times stop the system from working until the necessary repairs are made.
Blocks Air Flow: One aspect of your heating and even your cooling unit is the fact that you need to have air flow. The air that is needed circulates through the home but also needs to be around the unit as well. If there is snow built up around the unit that is housed outside the air is not able to flow at all. When this occurs the unit will actually shut down until the blockage has been removed.

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