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A nauseating statistic is the average homeowner will spend about half of their energy bill on their heating and cooling needs. A necessary evil we all have to expect in keeping our homes comfortable in the ever changing seasons. The older your system is, the more money you are depleting in keeping those systems in use. It is highly recommended that if your cooling and heating system is twelve years or older, it is time to get it replaced with a more energy friendly system. As equipment evolves, the energy saving technology advances. Getting replacement for your heating and cooling systems can be a financial undertaking. In the long run, money will be saved, as will energy.

NY NJ A/C Connection will give some pointers to help trim your bill down and save you some money:

Add insulation to your attic – If you have an unfinished attic and wasted space, it is beneficial to get it insulated. There is much to consider when insulating your attic space. Insulation type and material need to be considered, depending on your home or climate.
Keep your home well sealed – Weather stripping on windows and doors is a good starting point on the endeavor. Older homes windows and doors can begin to warp. Keeping the cracks and crevices sealed will keep you from heating or cooling the neighborhood, also it will keep insect life out.
Seal your ductwork – This will ensure air is being circulated to the appropriate areas.
Setting your thermostat – This is an effective way to cut energy and costs. Keeping your thermostat 78 degrees Fahrenheit is favorable, and pushing it up a little higher when no one is home can save you on the bill. During the winter months a recommended temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Again setting the temperature lower while away is beneficial.
Keep air vents closed in rooms not in use. Self explanatory, why pay for heating and cooling in a room not being used and appreciated.
Ceiling Fans – Lastly ceiling fans is the last tip of the day. Installing ceiling fans can dramatically affect the energy usage in your home. When running in the proper direction for warm temperatures outside and or colder months, your ceiling fan can circulate the appropriate air temperature in your home.
Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs – Not only will these bulbs save energy, they will also keep you cooler.
Make sure your appliances vent outdoors – Dryers, dishwasher, stove and other heat producing appliances expel hot air. It is just good sense to funnel that hot air outside as opposed to keeping it inside. The air conditioning has to work harder to keep you cool.

Professional Air Conditioning Service in Manhattan NY

We touched base on many useful ideas to help you save time and energy no matter what the season. Some tasks may seem daunting and better left to the experts. NY NJ A/C Connection can help advise you on projects you decide to take on and get the job done with expertise. Even with a modern heating and cooling system, it is wise to instill these projects in your home in making it more energy efficient and in the long run, saving money year after year.

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