How to Stop Heat from Coming Through Air Gaps & Leaks around Windows & Doors in Manhattan NY

With summer hitting its peak temperatures, escaping the hot air can seem sometimes impossible. If you have a reliable and hard working air conditioning unit, then your home is a great escape from the blistering rays of the sun. Your air conditioning unit is your home’s number one source for cool air and must be properly cared for so it can stay reliable throughout the entire summer. Regular maintenance checkups and inspections performed by a professional air conditioning technician will ensure that your unit is kept at its peak performance, lasting you for years to come. Beating the heat can be easy when you take good care of your air conditioning unit. Once you’ve established a good habit of keeping your air conditioning unit in proper working order, there are a few other simple steps you can take to keep your home cool.

How to Stop Heat from Coming Through Windows & Doors

While your air conditioning is working hard to keep your home cool during the summer, heat sometimes finds a way into your home, whether that be when the front door is opened, a window is left open or some other way for the heat to come in. When heat comes into your home, your air conditioning unit is forced to work harder and longer to keep the air in your home at the cooled desired temperature. Blocking out the sun’s rays from coming directly into your home will assist in keeping the temperature cool inside of your home. Using solar screens, black out curtains and tinted windows will reduce the heat from coming into your home.

Heat Transfer Through Air Gaps & Leaks

Another way that heat can enter into your home is through air leaks. Any room that receives air conditioning directly should be super air tight. The crawl space in your basement or attic can be a place where heat can seep into your home. Also inspect all doors and windows, the seal around these areas can become loose or damaged, allowing heat into your home. Putting a new layer of caulk on your window seals and around your door frames can assist in keep the cool air in and the hot air out of your home.

No Cook Summer Meals & Dinners

Your stove is a source of extreme heat, and when you decide to bake or use the stove top, the temperature of your home will automatically increase from the heat that is coming from your kitchen. Many homeowners have tried using a no cook menu during the summer; this will lessen the heat that will come into your home. Try cooking outside on the grill; this will eliminate the heat that is made when cooking in your kitchen. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit and cannot seem to keep your home as cool as you like, contact NY/NJ Connection today.

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