Is Your Central AC Causing Drafts, Opening or Closing Doors in Manhattan, NYC?

Have you been in your home and seen a shadow cross by only to realize it was just a bird flying past the window? Well the moment before you knew what caused it you might have been startled. Maybe for a moment you thought your house could be haunted. Now what if you were in the house and there was a weird noise that you couldn’t explain away? There is another thing that could be causing this phenomena and that is your AC. If there is a problem with your air conditioner in some way or even if there isn’t you may be experiencing weird things that you thought were unexplainable.

NY NJ A/C Connection Explains Why Your Air Conditioner is Opening & Closing Doors etc

AC Opening & Closing Doors: Have you ever been sitting in your house and a door seems to fling open on its own? This can be from the air conditioning that has just turned on or off. There are also times the door may slam shut on their own as well. That is not all that has to do with doors reacting to your air conditioning. Sometimes when you are in a room with the door shut and the AC turns on it can be difficult to open the door. It might seem like someone is holding it from the outside when it can all be explained by the AC. Hauntings also seem to leave rooms colder than the rest of the house or a draft in a particular area. The interesting thing is that it can also be due to a malfunction with your AC unit. Unfamiliar sounds are common place when your AC is running. If you are thinking that you are seeing ghosts or your home is haunted then you might stop and check for a few things. One is if these things are happening while the unit is running, just turned on or just kicked off. If so they can all be from the AC and not an unnatural event.
HVAC Air Balance Report: One of the reasons that this can occur in your home when the AC is running is from an air pressure balance problem. The pressure in your home should be the same as the air outside the home. When these don’t align the balance is off and that creates a positive or negative air flow. The air will then pull out of the house in each and every area of the house. That will then cause what is considered a wind pull. The wind or air flow will then cause doors to open and close depending on the negative or positive pressure. The moving doors can be blamed on that air balance problem. The cold air in a room or a draft can be blamed on the air duct. The air might be moving into one space more so than another place. You might need to have your AC inspected for a leak or damage to your air duct.

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