Central Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils Freezing Up or Frozen in Manhattan, NY?

Having a fully functioning air conditioner is essential for survival in the midst of hot summer months. Investing in annual maintenance from your trusted professional impacts your air conditioner tremendously; inspections, maintenance, and tune-ups to name a few key services. In addition to professional assistance, the care and cleaning you provide extends the unit’s longevity, performance, and overall condition while minimizing the need for repairs. But even with the most diligent of maintenance, people can find frozen coils on the air conditioner unit.
Today, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would to take the opportunity to relate some information when the coils appear frozen.

Why Does a Coil Freeze Up?

Generally, frozen coils are discovered when the air conditioner does not function at its full potential, and homeowner or professional investigates the matter. When the coils have frozen they are preventing your air conditioner from operating at its full potential. Frozen coils are often a symptom of the underlining issues. One of the primary components to the air conditioner is the evaporator coils which houses the refrigerant and absorbs the heat from the air as the air handler blows returned air. The cooler temperature of the return air is sent back to your home’s living spaces following this procedure. The air conditioner does not only cool your home, but it also dehumidifies, or pulls the excess moisture out of the air as well. The condensation produced during the dehumidifying process will buildup and eventually drip down onto the evaporator coils; which doesn’t normally cause any issues as it usually filters through a the drip pan and into the drainage system. In the event the condensation freezes a layer of ice on the evaporator coils, it suggests another issue that needs immediate rectification. The most common problems that results in frozen evaporator coils are listed below.

What Causes an Evaporator Coil to Freeze?

Airflow abnormalities: Anything causing improper airflow, clogged filters, air duct leaks, and/or blocked air registers will cause your coils to not absorb enough of the heat of the return air blowing over your evaporator coils, resulting in them freezing them over.
Dirty evaporator coils: Preventing the coils from absorbing heat from your home’s air; causing the dirt accumulating on the evaporator coils itself are useless after too much buildup because the debris causes a disruption in the cooling process.
Level of refrigerant is low: Low refrigerant levels points to a leak in the line more often than not. Inadequate levels of refrigerant results in the coils inability to absorb heat from your home’s air; resulting frozen coils and uncomfortable temperatures.

Emergency Central Air Conditioning, Furnace & Boiler Repairs in Manhattan, New York City

If you notice that the air conditioners coils have frozen, flip the thermostat off to shut down the air conditioner and leave it off a few hours. Ensure your air filters and coils are both cleaned while you are waiting for the coils to thaw. If the coils continue to freeze after air filter changed and coils are cleaned, turn off the air conditioner again. Call the professionals of NY NJ A/C Connection and out experts will find the problem and get it resolved quickly and efficiently.

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