Is a Central Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Better Suited to Cool My Manhattan NY Home?

Now that the weather is starting to warm up you may be ready to turn on your air conditioner. Before you do many people choose to have their ac unit serviced and looked over to inspect for any areas that are worn or in need of repair. Once you switch on the air conditioner you may notice that it is not working correctly or maybe is beyond repair. Although this seems like the worst time since you are most likely ready for some cooler air, it has to be done. Make sure that you know what you are getting when you replace your air conditioning unit and know what your options are. There are different sizes of air conditioning units to choose from but that is not your only option. You might also be interested in installing a heat pump to replace your air conditioning unit. Whatever you decide, call us for expert service. NY NJ A/C Connection in Manhattan New York are standing by!

NY NJ A/C Connection explains the difference between a central air conditioning unit and a heat pump so you can choose what is right for you.

Is a Central Air Conditioning Unit Right For You?: An air conditioning unit is a much more standard option and is used in most homes. The air conditioning unit works to cool your home down when you turn it on. It works a lot like a heat pump because it removes the warmer air from the home and helps to circulate the cooler air. This type of unit has been known to work a little bit faster but does use more energy than a heat pump does. The negative is that the unit cannot be used to heat the home; that needs a different system such as a furnace or boiler.
How Does a Heat Pump Cool in the Summer?: Installing a heat pump kind of seems like you are doing the opposite of what you want to happen. The name will make more sense when you know exactly what it is this unit does! The unit is manufactured to pump the heat out of your home and into the air outside. That leaves the cooler temperature air in the house. This lowers the overall indoor temperature and make it much more comfortable. The great thing about a heat pump is that is can also do the opposite. It can use the same method to take the warmer air from outside and pump it in your home when you want to warm the house up. It works in all kinds of weather using the same system.

If you are ready to replace your air conditioning unit or need emergency ac repairs, give NY NJ A/C Connection a call today in Manhattan New York City.

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