Improving Air Conditioning Efficiency Performance; How to Increase AC Cooling in a Room

When weather temperatures start to increase, soon the air conditioner is needed to make the indoors more comfortable. But as most folks know, running the air conditioner also means increased energy and higher utility bills. Some people will sacrifice comfort to save some cash, where others will shell out hard earned dollars to keep the indoors favorable. The good news is that there is a happy medium!

NY NJ A/C Connections shares some tips and advice on how you can keep your home in optimum comfort while reducing energy cost and increase performance of your air conditioning unit and HVAC system!

1. Air Conditioner Inspection. To start things off, walk around your home and inspect windows, doors and walls in search of cracks, gaps and holes. If there are noticeable gaps around windows and doors, replace weather stripping and apply caulk in the appropriate areas. Service pipes are often not properly sealed in the surrounding area; make sure they are, as well as any holes, gaps or cracks you may have discovered around your home.
2. Windows. Your windows are an asset. Open them up when temperatures are glorious outside. When it is too warm, utilize your windows for light, as opposed to turning the lights on. If the sun is in direct contact with specific windows, block it out with blinds or curtains to avoid the over abundance of warmth shining through. At your home improvement store, there are window covers that also help reinforce the glass so your cool air cannot leak outside. These are a good investment to help control the air flow in your home.
3. Ceiling Fans. Ceiling fans are optimal; however, area fans can be effective as well. Be sure they are set for summer, so that the blades are pushing and circulating cool air down. Ceiling fans help cool a room by providing an extra bit of air current to cool the individuals down in the room. When no one is occupying the space, switch off the fan to help conserve energy and costs.
4. Thermostat. A programmable thermostat can ensure your home temperatures are regulated at the appropriate times. Many people are prone to forget to adjust the manual thermostats, and in most cases, when it isn’t good to forget. Program the thermostat to increase 5-8 degrees warmer when not home, during works hours, along with the hours while you are sleeping. Be sure to have it 10 degrees warmer when out of town or off.
5. Air Filters. Air filters need to be replaced or cleaned a minimum of every three months. However, if there are allergy or asthma sufferers, smokers or pets in the home, the air filter should at least be checked once a month and maintained accordingly. If the air flow is unable to circulate due to a packed air filter, your unit will continue to work, costing additional money that otherwise wouldn’t have been necessary.
6. Professional A/C Service. A common misconception when it comes to air conditioners is if it is working, it doesn’t need a professional. The truth is that allowing a professional to conduct a maintenance and inspection service at least once a year before using the unit, can ensure that the unit is running efficiently and discovering minor repairs before they become catastrophic.

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